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Attack on Titan Episode 87 Delivers Emotional Final Season Part 2 Conclusion

The final episode of Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 – episode 87, will forever be remembered as an episode that predated the announcement for what is essentially the third part of the final season. However, the episode managed to end the season in a perfect way, with a combination of emotional realizations and a slight bit of action.

Mikasa recounts the story of the day they lost Eren to his ideals. For the first time ever, she wonders what she sees in him and if he has always been like he is now. Did she fail to notice it or did he change? Eren’s memories of these events are in stark contrast. How long has he known that every human outside of the walls would end up in his path? We see him cry for the family he lost and all the families that will be broken because of his actions. And just what is he to Mikasa? She replied with “family”, but Eren and everyone around him realize her feelings go even deeper.

Beyond the sea, there are humans and a whole new world to explore. To Mikasa, this new world is as beautiful as cruel. For Armin, it holds a variety of new things to learn, perhaps enough to satisfy his neverending curiosity. But to Eren, everything beyond the walls and the sea is a threat to his very existence and not even all kindness in the world would be enough to change that. These three will never see face to face again, even though all they want to do is protect each other.

The Dawn of Humanity

As a horde of titans descends upon Marley, humanity faces its final dawn. Sawano’s music from the first season here was a nice touch, especially as Eren remembers that fateful day that brought him to this path. What makes Eren a truly well-written anti-hero is that although he is driven by hate, that hate is not directed at anyone specific but the world itself. He has reached a point where he is just a madman trying to forcefully create a fresh start, not for himself, but for the people he cares about.

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3

Unfortunately, we will be waiting until 2023 to see the actual conclusion to the Attack on Titan story. The announcement for the continuation came yesterday and thankfully isn’t a movie. A new visual and a teaser trailer have been revealed:

Episode 87 of Attack on Titan is streaming on Crunchyroll.
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