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Minami Kuribayashi to Perform The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 Opening Theme Song

The official Twitter account for the The Devil is a Part-Timer franchise has revealed the theme song artist and title for its upcoming season 2. Minami Kuribayashi will perform the song, and its title is “WITH”. The sequel will premiere on July 2022, which is over 9 years since the 1st season ended in 2013. You can watch the latest trailer:

The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 – Trailer

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Funimation streamed the first season of the anime, while Yen Press licensed the light novel and manga in English. The story goes:

Being soundly thrashed by the hero Emilia, the Devil King and his general beat a hasty retreat to a parallel universe… only to land smack in the middle of bustling, modern-day Tokyo! Lacking the magic necessary to return home, the two are forced to assume human identities and live average human lives until they can find a better solution. And to make ends meet, Satan finds gainful employment at a nearby fast food joint! With his devilish mind set on working his way up the management food chain. What will become of his thirst for conquest?!

The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 release date is about 3 months away, and we’ll be able to listen to the new theme song by Minami Kuribayashi soon!

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