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Attack on Titan The Final Season Episode 6 "The War Hammer Titan" Premieres Today

Today is the day! Episode 6 of the final season of Attack on Titan premieres, titled “The War Hammer Titan”. After a mysterious girl locked away Pieck and Colt, Eren stands on the other side this time and is about to change a whole lot of civilians’ lives. Although the ending already showed the start, what we expect is the arrival of the Survey Corps and to see MAPPA’s version of Mikasa! And the others of course, we already got a glimpse in the trailer:

I’ll just share Mikasa and Armin, though most of the cast make an appearance.

Let’s not forget that Armin is the Colossal Titan now! Wonder how long until we get to see how well he controls the power, though can’t wait to see the Ackermans in action as well. The War Hammer Titan will make its move, and we should learn who of the Tyburs has the power. Eren should also have a better control of his Titan power after all 4 years, so expecting an epic fight.

Episode 6 of Attack on Titan The Final Season premieres in Japan on January 17 at 24:10 JPST (00:10 January 18), and few hours later on international streaming platforms. It already got trending after the Declaration of War, so expecting it to go wild again!

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You can also read the full synopsis of the story:

Over a century ago, mankind was devoured by giant beings of unknown intelligence and origin known as Titans. Creatures that eat humans alive indiscriminately and for no apparent reason. The remaining population has managed to survive the last hundred years only by building a multi-walled city capable of keeping the Titans at bay, training military recruits to patrol the perimeter and gather intelligence about their mysterious foe. Eren and Mikasa have lived a relatively peaceful life behind the city’s walls. But when a massive Titan appears, smashing the outer barrier and unleashing a wave of terror, their lives are brutally changed forever…

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