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Horimiya Episode 2 Showcases Badass Miyamura

Episode 2 of Horimiya released yesterday, and it was just as wholesome as expected! We got to see more Hori-Miya moments, and the badass one was especially endearing. There will be mentions of things that happened, so care if you haven’t seen the episode yet! Firstly, we learned that Hori likes anisongs, and uses her brother as an excuse as to why. We also got to meet her mom, which so far seems cools as well.

Then Hori realized she doesn’t know Miyamura’s name, and went through some cute troubles trying to learn. Rather than just asking him, she instead even tried to peek in on the guys changing hoping to hear it. That didn’t end well, as she was caught and her friend understood she did it because she was.. frustrated.

One of my favorite scenes is that of Ishikawa Tooru. If you forgot, this is the guy who bravely asked Hori out back in episode 1, but ultimately got rejected and joined the fallen brothers. In episode 2 however, Hori just happens to want to ask the same guy for Miyamura’s first name. You’d expect Ishikawa to act cool and just ask her what’s up or something, but he instead broke down in tears and ran away. Honest to his emotions. Respect. Still hope he gets a happy ending with some other side character.

After she learns Miyamura’s name (Izumi) by just telling him she doesn’t know, we get a cute moment and she tries to catch him not knowing hers as well. He immediately answers with her name (Kiyoko), and she feels embarrassed again. Not long after, we got to meet the student council and saw Miyamura’s most badass moment so far.

Hold my beer glasses

His reasoning for hitting Sengoku was priceless, though we quickly realized that the student council president has an unexpected side to him. Instead of being the stuck-up elite type, he was instead somewhat abused by Hori all the way till high school and built up his reputation there. Thanks to that, we also got to see an interesting side of our main girl.

The entire episode 2 was great, and you can already watch both episodes of Horimiya on Funimation. If you enjoyed it, make sure to vote it as the best anime of Week 3 on our weekly poll!

In case you’re somehow here without knowing what it is, also read the story and maybe give it a shot:

Kyouko and Izumi are two classmates who each lead a double life: the popular and talented Kyouko cares for her little brother by herself while her parents are away, and the quiet, bespectacled Izumi hides his many piercings and tattoos at school. After accidentally discovering each other’s secrets the pair becomes fast friends, and together, they begin to navigate their new relationship together amongst unknowing peers and love rivals alike.

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