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Black Clover Trending Worldwide After Episode 158

Black Clover aired episode 158 yesterday and it quickly got #1 trending worldwide on Twitter. The episode also marked the debut of its new opening and ending songs. The opening titled “Grandeur” performed by Snow Man was also trending on YouTube and has already crossed 1 million views. You can watch the video of the song below:

As for the episode, it featured some of the Black Bulls after the 6 month time skip. They’ve all gotten stronger and the story heads towards the battle against the Spade Kingdom. It’s particularly noted that Asta has grown a lot stronger, and we can see slight changes in the character designs.

Leopold and Luck also got an awesome fight sequence, and they seem to have grown stronger too.

Besides the good guys, we got a glimpse of the Dark Triad members. Dante, Zenon and Vanica talk a little about their plans, and we realize they waited for 6 months on purpose so that the fight wouldn’t end instantly.

Finally, the episode ended with a teaser about Yuno’s past. Black Clover has a big potential, and the fact that episode 158 got trending so quickly proves it. Hopefully we get more episodes like this! You can also listen to the official upload of the ending song titled “BEAUTIFUL” performed by TREASURE below. It already has around 350k views:

Reminder that it got trending just 7 episodes ago as well, after episode 151 showcased some awesome animation!

Source: Crunchyroll Collection YouTube Collection, all images from Crunchyroll

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