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BUCCHIGIRI Episode 2 Preview Released

The preview for episode 2 of the BUCCHIGIRI (Bucchigiri?!) original anime has been released. The new episode will premiere this Saturday, January 20. MAPPA is animating it, with Hiroko Utsumi as the director and one of the original creators of the series. Take a look at the preview images of episode 2 below:

The official website of BUCCHIGIRI describes the plot of episode 2 as:

By chance, Arajin hits Marito with the power of Chiya, who possesses him and becomes the center of attention in the school overnight. Marito, who fell in love with Arajin‘s punches, makes a fierce appeal to him to join the Sigma Squad, and Shinho, with whom he once aimed to become a “serious person,” also invites him to the Minatokai. Arajin just wants to be popular, but for some reason, he is chased around by the Yankees. What is the answer he comes up with…?!

The cast and characters of the BUCCHIGIRI anime include:

  • Genki Okawa as Arajin Tomoshibi
  • Yūsuke Hoshino as Matakara Asamine
  • Anna Nagase as Mahoro
  • Masafumi Kobatake as Majin Senya
  • Nozomu Sasaki as Marito
  • Makoto Furukawa as Jabashiri
  • Ryōta Takeuchi as Outa
  • Shouta Hayama as Hagure
  • Yukihiro Nozuyama as Zabu
  • Chihiro Suzuki as Akutaro
  • Jiro Saito as Kenichiro
  • Kappei Yamaguchi as Komao

Taku Kishimoto handles the script and series composition, Takahiro Kagami creates the character designs, and Yukiko Kakita leads in the color design of the series. Kurumi Suzuki is the art director, Shinnosuke Kato is the photography director, and Hiromi Kikuta is the sound director. The theme song for the opening is performed by Kroi while the ending is performed by Mahiru Coda.

Source: Official X and Official Website
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