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Frieren Episode 11 - An Honorable Episode

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End episode 11 has premiered and even though it served as the conclusion and epilogue of the “Aura the Guillotine” arc, it continued the trend set by its previous episodes—a masterclass in storytelling and immersion. At the start of the episode, as Frieren walks down a pile of armor with nothing but the resonance of her footsteps echoing, it gives me a surreal feeling that we will once again be treated to another cinematic experience.

An Honorable Conclusion to the Arc

After defeating Aura and saving the town, Frieren and her party opted to stay a bit longer in town to get to know the locals and allow them to express gratitude to their heroes. While there were glimpses of the new party interacting with the townspeople, the ethereal background melody of milet’s voice added an impeccable touch that rendered the entire montage both immersive and breathtaking. It was a fitting conclusion to the arc.

Of course, the episode wasn’t entirely serious and wholesome because the comical gags, spearheaded by Stark, made a return that was special since we got back-to-back episodes that were extremely pressing. His funny reactions still made me laugh and the way the anime inserted it naturally is still as great as ever.

I think the peak of all this is when everyone gathered around and paid respect to the knights who gave their lives to protect the town. This is why I highlighted the act that Frieren did back in episode 9. If she were to totally annihilate Aura and the army she took control of, there wouldn’t be any symbol or figure to pay respect to. The pendants on every knight’s armor acted as an identifier of who they were — that was a nice touch to the overall impact of the scene. Every townsman, even Frieren and her party, was there to pay respects. When it coupled with the climax of milet’s song, it was a melancholic yet honorable sequence.

Another Elf

As their journey continues, Frieren and her party meet another elf, Kraft, a monk who could’ve been living for over a thousand years. Voiced by the legend Takehito Koyasu, he was definitely an interesting addition to the episode as his interactions with them were quite amusing and heartwarming. The way Kraft just casually says that he hasn’t met an elf in 300 years sheds more light on the elves’ distinct view of time. We now know that it’s not just Frieren who has this different perspective about the passage of time, but rather, it is also shared by other long-lived races, such as elves.

We also got confirmation that elves don’t possess any romantic interests at all. Two elves stuck together for six months might’ve at least sparked Frieren and Kraft’s romantic feelings, but nothing happened. Although, Kraft is indeed a monk and Frieren is Frieren, and on top of that, their age gap could be massive as well. Frieren does still look like she’s in her teens despite being a thousand years old while Kraft looks like a man in his 30s. 

Anyway, another highlight is how Heiter also left a mark on Frieren. Even after all that time on the road, with the constant teasing and everything, Frieren still holds those memories dear and shows that her attachment extends beyond just Himmel. It becomes more and more evident that the entire party holds a special place in her heart.

One more thing I need to mention is when the new party and Kraft are now going forward on their own journey, Kraft’s mention of a future reunion with Frieren in a few centuries carries some undertone. This left me feeling empty inside because when they do meet again, Fern and Stark will no longer be with Frieren.

Frieren Episode 11 Was Still Entertaining Despite Mundane Things

Overall, Frieren episode 11 didn’t have any action at all and it just showcased the mundane life of the new party. However, Frieren managed to make it so dramatic and immersive that it didn’t feel like a filler episode or a chore to watch. It continues to succeed in infusing a captivating sense of a compelling narrative. It’s kinda reminiscent of how Bocchi the Rock (the same director as Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End) also elevates the whole production of the series to make it feel more entertaining and interesting to watch.

Screenshots via Muse Asia
© Yamada Kanehito, Abe Tsukasa /Shogakukan / “Sousou no Frieren” Production Committee

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