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Naoko Yamada’s Garden of Remembrance Reveals Teaser Trailer

Garden of Remembrance, a short movie by Naoko Yamada and Science SARU, revealed the first teaser trailer. The 18-minute movie is slated to premiere in 2024 in Japan. It was previously screened at Scotland Loves Anime and Annecy International Animation Film Festival. The teaser was uploaded along with the “That flower is what connects you and I.” tagline. Annecy listing teased the plot as:

The anemone flower that “I” liked. A precious flower that holds memories which tie “You” and “I” together. A story that represents “Me”, “You”, our “Childhood Friend” and our goodbyes.

The movie was announced in 2022. Naoko Yamada is both the director and the screenwriter. Etsuko Mizusawa is the character designer, Moaang is the animation director and Lovely Summer Chan is the music composer for the work. Avex Pictures is producing the movie.

Yamada and Science SARU are also collaborating on the upcoming Kimi no Iro movie, which will be released next year. Yamada was one of the youngest animators who got a chance to direct an anime at the Kyoto Animation studio. K-On was her directorial debut and she went on to work on Tamako MarketLiz and the Blue BirdA Silent Voice, and more. She left KyoAni in 2020. Her first work with Science SARU was The Heike Story (2021).

Source: Avex Pictures YouTube
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