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Fruits Basket: the Final Episode 5 - Momiji is All Grown Up

This week’s episode 5 of “Fruits Basket” focused primarily on Momiji and his personal growth – both physical and emotional. It wasn’t quite as intense as last week’s episode, in which Haru snapped at Akito for keeping Rin captive. However, there were still plenty of emotionally moving scenes, as is typical for the series.

Perhaps the most surprising reveal in this week’s episode was Momiji’s growth spurt! Despite being the same age as Haru, Momiji has always been one of the smallest among the Soma clan. It was a shock to see him towering over Tohru, and wearing the proper boy’s school uniform for once!

However, he still wears his bunny backpack and pesters Tohru to get ice cream, proving that some things didn’t change.

Also, surprising was the revelation that Momiji may have feelings for Tohru. “I’m a man, too, you know?” he declares while squeezing her hand. Later in the episode, he suggests to Kyo that he should confess his feelings for Tohru before some other man does. It will be interesting to see how this development plays out in future episodes.

We also get to see a bit of character development from Hiro and Kisa. Hiro seems to be making good on his promise from the last episode to be a better person for his newborn sister. Instead of being abrupt and sarcastic like he usually would, we see him trying his best to be patient and kind. Perpetually shy Kisa is also making improvements, managing to say hello to Kyo – a big step for her.

Meanwhile, Akito is distraught over her bond with Haru breaking in the previous episode. She awakes in the middle of the night and rushes to Momiji’s room, having gotten the sense that the same thing might be happening with him.

She begs him to stay by her side, only to be told to go back to her room. Momiji visits her the next day, confirming that his curse (the bond tying him to Akito) has indeed been broken. He is now the second Soma to have broken the curse.

Solemnly, Momiji reveals that his newfound freeness has made him feel more lonely and vulnerable, as it hasn’t changed the fact that his parents don’t want him and Tohru isn’t in love with him. However, the episode ends on a positive note, with Momiji deciding he can be happy despite these things.

You can watch episode 5 of Fruits Basket: the Final on Crunchyroll and Funimation, and also vote for it in our weekly poll. The next episode airs on May 10th and is titled “It Was So Foolish”. With a cryptic title like that, who knows what will happen!

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