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Hololive Indonesia Announces Debut of 3rd Generation Lineup

A new generation of Hololive VTubers is coming—this time, Hololive Indonesia has announced the upcoming debut of its 3rd Generation lineup. As part of the announcement, a promotional video has been uploaded, centered on the theme of the talents being still considered as ‘heroes’, despite not having the forte to save the world.

Meet The New 3rd Generation of Hololive Indonesia!

Vestia Zeta

DEBUT DATE: March 25, 2022 (22:00 JST)

She is the mysterious 7th recruit of The Secret Archive Unit that has a full license to collect virtual data.

Despite her being a promising rookie, who is also known as codename V.7, she turns clumsy when things are not going exactly according to the manual.

It was initially a lonely mission to infiltrate the virtual world, but now she had found comfort here. Will this mission end up leading her to a new destiny instead…?

Kaela Kovalskia

DEBUT DATE: March 26, 2022 (22:00 JST)

After taking over her great blacksmithing teacher’s forge, she felt a lack of excitement in her life.

So, she decided to be free and depart on a journey to find rare smithing materials, one of which was rumored to be under the building of a certain “idol group” in town.

She also loves challenging herself and has a peculiar taste when it comes to foods!

Kobo Kanaeru

DEBUT DATE: March 27, 2022 (22:00 JST)

A carefree girl who lives in the topmost room of a lighthouse, she is actually the bloodline of the strongest rain shaman in the area.

She has great potential to control rain, but she does not like to do it as a task.

In order to win back her Rain Master title, she needs to prove to her family that she can keep their rain shaman service afloat. Not only does she have to train daily, but she also needs to adopt some sort of virtual marketing strategy to succeed!

Through the new debut, Hololive Indonesia is now composed of nine talents in total. The latest debut announcement follows days after HOLOSTARS, the male VTuber section of Hololive, has announced a new unit called “UPROAR”. Hololive has recently concluded their SUPER EXPO, one of the largest events of the agency this year.

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Source: Hololive Press Release
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