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Hololive, Nijisanji VTuber Talents Still Most Favored Among Japanese Fans, Survey Shows

A new survey shows that VTuber talents from Hololive and Nijisanji remain the most favored among Japanese fans, both male and female, according to the Yano Research Institute. The said survey looked into the current demographic of VTuber fans in Japan, as well as from which agencies their favorite VTubers are.

In terms of the demographic, male teenagers aged between 15-19 have the highest response rate at 9.2%, followed by the 20-24 range at 9.0%, the 35-39 range at 7.8%, and the 25-29 range at 7.2%. Meanwhile, those in the 15-19 year range led the response rate among female fans, followed by the 20-24 range at 4.8%, and the 25-29 range at 3.5%.

Hololive has a more male-dominant fanbase, accounting to 64.2% of the respondents, while Nijisanji has a more female-dominant fanbase, accounting to 74.9% of the respondents. Other mentioned agencies in the survey include Nanashiinku (chosen by 9.5% of male respondents), .LIVE (9.7% of male respondents), VSPO! (19.3% male audience) and Aogiri High School (16.2% male). In addition, Neo-Porte gained a higher reception among female fans (12.4%) versus the male demographic (10.2%).

Despite Hololive dealing with the recent termination of Yozora Mel, the VTuber agency continues to churn out new initiatives, ranging from collaborations such as Gawr Gura with the Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium as well as the upcoming hololive SUPER EXPO 2024 event this March 16-17. It also recently debuted new units such as the ReGLOSS unit in Japan and the HOLOSTARS English -ARMIS- unit.

The Japan-centric VTuber survey, which shows Hololive and Nijisanji leading the most preferred talents

Nijisanji, on the other hand, recently dealt with the graduation of Pomu Rainpuff amidst a slew of graduations from the Nijisanji English side, most notably with Nina Kosaka and Mysta Rias, as well as the graduations of Xia Ekavira, Mika Melatika, Riksa Dhirendra, ZEA Cornelia, Taka Radjiman, Siska Leontyne, Amicia Michella, Azura Cecillia, Nara Haramaung, Reza Avanluna and Hyona Eliatora who were previously part of the agency’s Indonesian unit.

Source: Yano Research Institute

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