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Kaguya-sama Season 3 Reveals Miyuki Shirogane Character Visual

The official Twitter account for Kaguya-sama: Love is War season 3 has released a character visual for the Student Council president Miyuki Shirogane. Previously, character visuals for Ai HaysakaIino Miko, Yu Ishigami and Chika Fujiwara were released. Studio A-1 Pictures is returning to animate the third sequel, and the full title is Kaguya-sama: Love is War – Ultra Romantic . You can see the new Miyuki character visual below:

Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 3 – Miyuki Shirogane Character Visual

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Aka Akasaka writes and draws the original manga, and A-1 Pictures was in charge of the first 2 anime seasons as well. Season 2 was voted as the 2020 Anime of the Year by our fans, with votes from 47,323 people. Besides several OVA episodes, the franchise also has 2 live-action films. Funimation streams both seasons, while VIZ publishes the manga in English. They describe the story:

As leaders of their prestigious academy’s student council, Kaguya and Miyuki are the elite of the elite! But it’s lonely at the top… Luckily for them, they’ve fallen in love! There’s just one problem—they both have too much pride to admit it. And so begins the daily scheming to get the object of their affection to confess their romantic feelings first…

There’s still about a month and a half until Kaguya-sama Season 3 premieres in April, and we can expect a character visual for Kaguya to follow Miyuki Shirogane.

Source: Official Kaguya-sama Twitter
©Akasaka Aka/Shueisha/Kaguya-sama: Love is War Production Committee

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