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Kaii to Otome to Kamikakushi Manga Gets Anime Adaptation With Teaser Visual and Trailer

Nujima’s Kaii to Otome to Kamikakushi is receiving an anime adaptation. A teaser visual and trailer were posted along with the manga author’s comment on Thursday. The manga is currently running in Shogakukan’s Yawaraka Spirits web manga service and it released the 5th compiled volume today.

The teaser visual features two main characters from the series, Ren Adashino (left) and Sumireko Ogawa (right), surrounded by traffic signs of warning:

Kaii to Otome to Kamikakushi Anime Teaser Visual

The manga author, Nujima, made a comment with an illustration:
After the manga went under the radar of a lot of adults with conscience, it was surprisingly chosen to receive an anime adaptation. It’s all thanks to the editor, Mr. K, who has been putting effort into it, and every one of the readers who have been supporting the series. Thank you very much. I’m hoping the work will be on the air and hit someone’s heart like the manga.

In the visual, the character in the middle, Sumireko Ogawa, talking to two characters says the announcement is happy news, and Oto Adashino (right) notes that the anime project is truly ongoing, and her brother Ren (left) comments on the adaptation as the world is beyond saving. The three of them hold a sheet of white paper with the text “Kaii to Otome to Kamikakushi TV Anime Adaptation!!” The author’s comment can be spotted at the upper left: “I hope you check it out.”

The teaser trailer comes with the title “Mysterious Disappearances Teaser Trailer” beside the Japanese name, and an English introduction in the description:
This is the story of a small friendship and a parting of ways through a number of strange occurrences. A modern-day bizarre romanesque with a piercing combination of “weirdness”, “girls”, and “sexuality”. “Mysterious Disappearances” Anime Adaptation confirmed!

Kaii to Otome to Kamikakushi Anime Teaser Trailer

Source: Official Twitter
© Nujima, Shogakukan / “Kaii to Otome to Kamikakushi” Production Committee

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