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Koikimo Episode 8: Ryo and Ichika’s Valentine’s

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Koikimo episode 8 is now out! Following the cliffhanger ending on the previous episode, this is a much-awaited continuation. Another reason why the fans are waiting for this is because the episode will revolve on Ryo and Ichika’s Valentine’s Day events, together with their gifts to certain people.

The previous episode ended on the part where Ichika told Ryo that she will visit his house on Valentine’s Day, early in the morning. Thus, episode 8 starts on Ryo waiting for Ichika in front of their door. In addition, according to Rio, her brother looks like a dog waiting for his master to come.

Koikimo: Ichika arrives.
Koikimo: Ichika's Valentines Gift

After a few moments, Ichika finally arrived at Ryo’s house, and went inside. There, Ichika said that the reason she visited is because of her Valentine’s gift to Ryo. Ryo suddenly felt happy and asked Ichika to hand over the chocolate for him. Ichika however said that her gift is different from sweets. She suddenly gave Ryo a warm hug and told him that it was her Valentine’s Gift. After that, Ichika immediately went outside the house, while Ryo lie down on the floor with mixed feelings of shock and happiness.

Koikimo Episode 8: Ichika's Valentines gift for Tamaru

Ichika’s next destination is her school. There, she also gave Valentine’s chocolates to her friends, including Tamaru. Nevertheless, after receiving Ichika’s gift, Tamaru confessed his true feelings towards her. He also asked Ichika if she can go out with him. Well, Ichika declined his offer, but Tamaru is persistent. Hence, he told Ichika to think it over again and he will wait for her answer.

Koikimo Episode 8: Matsushima gives Ryo a Valentines chocolate

Another thing we have here is Matsushima. In the previous episode, we see her carrying chocolate. Obviously, it’s her Valentine’s present for Ryo. However, she doesn’t have time to give it while at work because both of them are loaded with tasks. making her feel sad. When Matsushima arrived the train station to go home, she also saw Ryo. She cleared her resolve and went straight to Ryo to give the chocolates. Ryo thankfully accepted the present, and Matsushima is really satisfied.

Koikimo Episode 8: Ichika doesn't know what to do
Koikimo Episode 8: Rio concerned on Ichika's condition

After the events on Valentine’s day, Ichika is acting differently. It’s because she doesn’t know what to do with Tamaru’s proposal. Furthermore, Rio noticed that Ichika is not her usual self since Valentine’s day. She keeps asking her what’s the matter, but Ichika don’t like to tell Rio about he situation. As a result, Rio asked a certain person who might now what’s happening to Ichika, which led her to learn more about Tamaru’s confession.

On the contrary, Ryo also noticed Ichika’s condition. So he went to her school to reach out to her, but Ichika only scolded him for a certain reason. The good thing is that Ryo remained composed and answered Ichika in a good manner. Ichika calmed down because of what he said, and there she realized her answer to Tamaru, as well as who is the person she’s in love with.

Koikimo episode 8 shows us good development for our main characters. Next episode will air on May 24, titled “My Answer.” You can watch it on Crunchyroll.

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What is Koikimo?

One rainy day, salaryman Amakusa Ryo is saved by a high school girl he doesn’t know at the station. He later finds out that the girl is Arima Ichika. Ryo is somewhat of a womanizer and to repay her for saving him, he suggests giving her a kiss or going out on a date with her, in which Ichika tells him he’s creepy.

This, however, opens a new door for Ryo and he falls madly in love with her. Ever since then, Ryo tries to overly express his feelings to Ichika. Ichika just keeps insulting him and says he’s being creepy, but he just seems to take it as her way of showing affection towards him… (Synopsis from Crunchyroll)

Screenshots via: Crunchyroll

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