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Liar Liar Anime Teases Shirayuki Himeji's Design

The previously announced anime adaptation of the Liar Liar light novel series received a teaser video during the MF Bunko J’s Summer School Festival 2022 event. The video showed the drawing process for Shirayuki Himeji’s anime design:

The Liar Liar anime announcement came on April 1, in a special promotional video for the light novel narrated by Akari Kito. The light novel is written by Haruki Kuo and illustarted by Konomi Kino. It’s been serialized since 2019 and currently has 9 volumes. A manga adaptation with Funa Yukina’s art is also ongoing. Check out the Akari Kito-narrated PV below:

The story is set at Academy Island, where everything is settled through special games. These games use a currency called “stars” and the strongest student is granted a special title and rank of Seven Stars. Hiroto Shinohra transfers to the school and somehow manages to beat the strongest girl in the school. As he is now seen as the strongest he has to keep up with the title and so mind games filled with bluffing and lies begin! Will he make it out and keep his title?

Source: MF Bunko Summer J School Festival 2022
©Haruki Kuo, MF Bunko/KADOKAWA

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