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Lulu Suzuhara Announces Graduation On Her Birthday

Lulu Suzuhara discloses her graduation on June 30th during her birthday stream. Nijisanji’s adorable art student announced her departure from VTubing during her birthday during her birthday karaoke stream last June 24, Thursday. Suzuhara thanks her fans for all their support. The fans certainly have mixed feelings upon hearing the news, but still, they wish the best of luck for her and her future endeavors.

She released her final stream schedule prior to her graduation. Her last gaming stream will be on June 27, Sunday. She will reveal her reason for departure on her last day (June 30, Wednesday).

Translation (courtesy of u/MofuMofuSubs): “Thanks for watching the karaoke stream. And… as I said in the stream, I will be graduating from NijiSanji and retiring at the end of June… Thank you so much for your support and encouragement… I will still be streaming on the 26th, 27th, and 30th. So, I’ll appreciate it if you could support me until the end.”

Other Nijisanji members such as Elira Pendora and Pomu Rainpuff of Nijisanji EN also replied to the tweet, sending their support for the Japan-based Nijisanji Liver.

Who is Lulu Suzuhara?

Lulu Suzuhara is polite and quirky, and would refer to herself as a “sheltered girl,” but in order to catch up with trends, she decided to be a VTuber. Most viewers know her from memes about her unsettling behavior, such as her prolonged staring. This resulted in the fans giving her the name “Eldritch Goddess.”

In Nijisanji fan comics, there are hints of her being an otherworldly being. She also claims that her hat weighs 50kg and that she can drink lava.
One of her notable streams is her 10-hour-long Ring Fit Adventure Stream, then proceeding to play 10 hours of Dark Souls.

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