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MAPPA Condemns Information Leaks About Production Costs

MAPPA, a Japanese animation studio, condemned recent information leaks published on social media in a press release. The press release comes days after an animator claimed Netflix underpaid for MAPPA-produced anime.

MAPPA states that the information shared was incomplete and based on speculations and misunderstandings. This led to the distortion of the facts that caused issues for the studio. They also claim it caused great inconvenience to their business partners.

The work in question is apparently a new series, produced a while ago and recently sold to a major platform. MAPPA strongly claims they never forced animators to take unreasonably low payments. The payments were within the scale of the budget MAPPA received, the press release states. They also add that production usually involves many companies and individuals and that the conditions are part of the mutual agreement. MAPPA warns against leaking information about unpublished works because it can set the production back.

MAPPA finishes their statement by saying that they strongly protest these leaks and promise to take “decisive action”. The company is trying to produce the best work possible, within the set production budget, while making an effort to keep the creative aspect alive. In addition, they will also keep trying to improve working conditions.

Claims of underpaid animators on MAPPA projects

On July 2nd, animator Ippei Ichii, took to Twitter to talk about his issues with Netflix pay rates. He claimed that while working for MAPPA animators were underpaid and offered the lowest rates per cut (only ~34$). Ippei Ichii is an animation director who worked on titles such as Card Fight!! Vanguard (2019) and Zombieland Saga: Revenge.

Recently, MAPPA also unveiled its new studio space, which aims to improve working conditions.

Studio MAPPA was founded on June 14th, 2011. In the 10 years, they’ve produced multiple popular titles such as Yuri on Ice!!! and Jujutsu Kaisen. One of their most recent works includes the final season of Attack on Titan, where they took over from Studio WIT. The upcoming long-anticipated Chainsaw Man anime is also one of their works.

Source: MAPPA Official Statement

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