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Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory Episode 4: Koushi Becomes a Girl

Koushi had another unforgettable experience in episode 4 of Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory because he turned into a girl. Following the events in the previous episode, Sutea tries to live with Koushi and his tenants for one night. However, due to various circumstances, the environment of the dorm seems off to her.

Warning: This section contains spoilers

To begin with, Sutea tries to check the rooms of each tenant living in the Goddess Dorm, as well as Koushi’s. Unfortunately, all of her experiences end up being weird. MIneru’s room is filled with toxic smoke. Frey’s room is nice and neat but she forces Sutea to dress like a cosplayer.

Atena’s room is normal, so Koushi praises her, but because of that, Sutea suddenly feels jealous, so Atena also fails to pass. After that, they go to Kiriya but she accidentally destroys her wall. At that same moment, Serene suddenly appears and gives Sutea a snack. After having a bite, Serene realizes that the food she gave was already expired.

Annoyed Studdea running away

More unsightly things happened after that, which results in Sutea getting really mad. She walks out of the room, and Koushi never has the chance to approach her. Honestly, I really expected a different scenario for Sutea, something along the lines of her helping Koushi with his work. Well, I’m hoping that we’ll be able to see her character development in future episodes.

Girl Koushi

Because of all the events, Kiriya, and Atena started to avoid Koushi, and this somehow lasted for almost an entire week. One day, both of them leave the dorm in a rush because they want to avoid Koushi. As a result, they both forget their lunchboxes, and Koushi has to deliver it to them in their school.

Koushi in girl clothes

But, Koushi can’t enter the school, since he is male. However, Frey has a solution – he can simply wear female clothing. To my surprise, my heart skipped a beat when I saw Koushi’s girl attire. Currently, he is also a waifu candidate.

Koushi arrives at the university and is immediately granted the “cute” title. But, things go south and he accidentally starts a riot of sorts. Athena saw what happened and she rushes to save him.

Atena saves Koushi

The two of them try to escape the girls who are chasing Koushi and it’s a success. They find Kiriya and give her the lunchbox as well. Somehow, Koushi was more adorable than the both of them.

The episode ended with Atena planning to have a vacation together with Sutea. If you are curious about what will happen to that vacation, just stay tuned to the anime. Episode 5 will air on August 11 and you can watch it on HIDIVE,

Lastly, if Koushi also made your heart skip a beat on episode 4 of Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory, you can vote for the anime on our weekly poll.

Series Synopsis

12-year-old boy Kōshi Nagumo, who finds himself homeless, penniless, and without relatives to care for him. As he lies on the street, he gets picked up to become the “dorm mother” of a dormitory full of troubled women’s university students.

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