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Nijisanji Temporarily Suspends Mirei Gundo Over Offensive Baseball Tweet

Japanese VTuber agency Nijisanji has announced that it has temporarily suspended Mirei Gundo after she posted a baseball-related tweet that offended fans of said sport. In the tweet, Mirei Gundo admitted that she doesn’t know the rules of baseball and remarked “Can’t you get someone off the field by throwing the ball at their head hard enough?”

Nijisanji apologized to several of its partners and brands they work with, especially those with who they have planned content and projects within the near future. The company also apologized to baseball fans who feel offended by the tweet. It is also worth noting that Nijisanji also hosts its own baseball-centric event called the NIJISANJI Koshien, where Nijisanji talents become head coaches of baseball teams in the video game series Power Pros.

The announcement comes after Japan‘s win at the 2023 World Baseball Classic, which saw Team Japan’s Shohei Ohtani striking out Team USA’s Mike Trout, resulting in a 3-2 victory in favor of Team Japan. Baseball remains the most watched sport in Japan, with around 30.9% of the population watching it in September 2022.

Nijisanji’s Mirei Gundo debuted alongside Roa Yuzuki in January 2019. She is described as “a female teacher at a full-of-“S”-energy all-boys school [who] loves sake and snacks“. As of this writing, she has over 450,000 subscribers on YouTube, and over 440,000 followers on Twitter. On February 2020, she performed in the Zepp concert tour “NIJISANJI JAPAN TOUR 2020 Shout in the Rainbow!” at the Zepp Nagoya venue.

Nijisanji recently terminated one of its English talents Zaion Lanza over multiple offenses. It has also dismissed Yugo Asuma in December 2022.

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