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One Piece Episode 1006: Yamato Strikes Again

ONE PIECE released episode 1006 this Sunday, and it looks like the fight between Kaido and the Akazaya samurai is almost over, while Yamato got a new moment with Momonosuke. The episode started with her chasing Shinobu and Momo, with King ordering his execution. We see the future Shogun display a moment of bravery as he refuses to run and heads towards Shinobu. Just as Sasaki’s crew member is about to finish him off, Yamato comes in with a save, knocking the guy out and saving Momo. Right afterward, she does Oden’s iconic pose. She also says she’s not just an interference, but that she’ll fight for the Kozuki.

©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/ Fuji Television Network/ Toei Animation

On the other side, we see more of Queen’s Ice Oni bullets, and even Yakuza boss Ohmasa gets infected. He apologizes to Hyogoro and it looks like he’s ready to die, but Chopper might be able to save him just like he did before with the Mummy bullets. We also saw Luffy move further along with Sanji and Jimbei. They faced 2 Headliners, Hamlet and Fourtricks, whose SMILE fruits (Giraffe and Chicken) had an awkward way of growth. This seems to trigger Sanji and Jimbei, who quickly dispatch and the two and they continue towards the roof.

Meanwhile, we see Kin’emon treat Kiku’s lost arm with his fire, and they’re all ready to keep fighting Kaido. The yonkou transforms back to his human form, giving their determination some respect. He remembers Roger and Whitebeard, saying they ‘did it well’ by dying since “death completes a person”.

©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/ Fuji Television Network/ Toei Animation

You can watch ONE PIECE episode 1006 on both Funimation or Crunchyroll.

One Piece Episode 1007 & Chapter 1037 Release Date

ONE PIECE chapter 1037 will release today, after which the manga will go on a break next week. You can catch up to the latest manga chapter for free on either VIZ website or MANGA Plus. Episode 1007 will release next Sunday on January 23. 

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©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/ Fuji Television Network/ Toei Animation

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