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Osamake Episode 2: Is First Love a Curse?

First love is a curse, don’t you think? You’ll absolutely think about that after watching episode 2 of the Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose series. In this episode, we’ll be diving deep into our protagonist’s background so sit tight and let your feelings run wild.

The Child Prodigy Actor

It was already hinted at the end of the first episode that Haru used to be a child prodigy actor and that Abe-senpai actually admired him! But who knew such dark events would turn his career upside down? What could be the reason why Haru halted his acting career?

Haru chose to participate in a play with his friend Tetsuhiko for the upcoming school festival. He decided to try out acting once again to impress Shirokusa and, by chance, win her heart. He realized he could at least beat Abe-senpai in acting. Unfortunately, Haru felt a sudden shock while rehearsing, leaving him unconscious for a while.

When Haru woke up, Shirokusa was waiting for him to receive her reward for writing the play’s script. She asked Haru why the former child prodigy actor suddenly stopped acting. That’s when Haru eventually explained the reason for his acting hiatus.

Haru told Shirokusa that her mother suffered a hit to her head due to her intense acting. Let’s just say that his mother was too passionate about her acting and went overboard.

Despite the accident, the show resumed its production because Haru insisted that his mother wouldn’t want herself to be the cause of why the show must stop. For the price of a mother’s life and a prodigy actor’s career, the show received a high television rating.

The Childhood Friend Strikes Again

Haru was preparing dinner when Kuro appeared out of nowhere. Kuro decided to talk to Haru about how the planned revenge was going. She also said that Haru’s falling prey to Abe-senpai’s trap. But, whatever the case, Kuro will use the time alone with Haru to strike once again!

But what made Kuro stand out was how she comforted Haru. She told him that she believes in him and that he can become a great actor once more. I’d say that Kuro genuinely loves Haru more than anything.

Let’s admit it, we’re all somehow envious of Haru for having a childhood friend like Kuro. Someone who would encourage you no matter how difficult the situation is, someone who believes in you, loves you and would tease you for fun.

Her First Love

Who knew Haru and Shirokusa already met when they were young? Shirokusa was actually a big fan of Haru! And she got a chance to spend a lot of time with him during his acting days. That’s when her feelings grew stronger for him. He was her first love.

Unfortunately, due to Haru’s indefinite rest from acting, they lost connection with each other. Shirokusa despised him for this purpose and resolved to pursue vengeance by becoming the world’s best, most beautiful, and most popular writer.

But few years passed, and Shirokusa still has feelings for her first love. “I love you, Su-chan,” she said over and over. It sounds ironic for someone seeking vengeance.

We finally know about Shirokusa and Haru’s story, leaving us undecided on who to vote for. Are we going to stand by him and his childhood friend? Or his first love, with whom he shares genuine feelings?

First love is a curse, don’t you think?

– Shirokusa Kachi

You can watch the second episode of the series on Crunchyroll or Muse Asia on YouTube. Once you’re done watching, you could read more features here!

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