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Osamake Episode 4: A New Contender Enters The Fight

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Episode 4 of Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose finally premiered and it introduced us to a new contender entering the fight for Haru’s love! Sit tight as we get to know this new rival better.

Osamake Episode 4: A New Contender Enters The Fight Kuroha Shirokusa Sueharu

The Idol Kouhai

A new contender finally steps into the ring! She dramatically made an abrupt entrance just to see the senpai she always idolized. She is the popular lead from a TV series who used to work along with Haru, Maria Momosaka.

Not only is she a famous actor, but she also knew Haru since they were young. Thus, making her the third childhood friend! Here we have it folks: three childhood friends trying to win Haru’s heart.

Osamake Episode 4: A New Contender Enters The Fight Maria Momosaka

Will you keep on supporting Haru’s first love, Shirokusa? Or will you stand strong with our energetic big sister, Kuroha? Maybe you will easily jump to Momo’s sudden entrance?

The Victorious Childhood Friend

Let’s not forget our strong-willed childhood friend. She stole the show’s spotlight when having a face-to-face talk with Kuroha. She felt victorious, but the other one was hurt. Moreover, she finally confessed to Haru!

If you actually believed that then I’m really sorry, it was just a joke. She actually invited Haru to her place because her father wants to talk with him in person. After all, they knew each other way back during his acting career.

The Losing Partner


Not everyone ended being happy in this week’s episode. Our energetic big sister who always looked cheerful actually ended up being sad. After all, her rival Shirokusa told her to keep some distance after what happened in last week’s episode.


This week’s episode might be a little hard on her but let’s all continue to support our adorable Kuroha until the end! Surely next week’s episode will give her the spotlight as she overcomes the burden she carries right now.

Let’s all witness whoever wins Haru’s affection and support the series here in our weekly polls!

You can watch Osamake episode 4 on Crunchyroll or Muse Asia on YouTube. Once you’re done watching, you could read more features here.

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