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Platinum End Episode 3: The Stadium Showdown

Platinum End episode 3 shakes things up quite a bit this week! Mirai comes face to face with an angel and gets looped into trouble. Meanwhile, Metropoliman’s plan to fight the other God candidates seems to have caught a snag. Let’s talk about this week’s key talking points in a spoiler-filled discussion!

Hit with a red arrow

Mirai gets into a boatload of trouble when he gets hit by a red arrow. Coming face to face with an angel, he is at first afraid that this may be Metropoliman’s angel. However, it’s soon revealed that the angel belongs to none other than Saki, his longtime crush. She shoots him with a red arrow, though its effect isn’t that drastic, given that he’s had feelings for her already.

It turns out that this plan to shoot another God candidate with a red arrow is that of Saki’s angel, Revel. He’s a crafty and conniving character, wanting to use Mirai’s infatuated state for Saki’s benefit. At first, they try to get information out of him. Later on, Revel makes Mirai use his powers for Saki’s protection. For example, he makes Mirai act as Saki’s wings, given that she doesn’t have any.

Will Saki and Revel spell trouble for Mirai?

This serves as a great introduction to two new characters on the show. Revel’s characterization is strong from the get-go. It’s easy to understand what his deal is, seeing that while he isn’t the most powerful, he more than makes up for that through his clever and sneaky thinking. Viewers can also come to understand Saki’s character here. She is soft-spoken, and seems to be easily pushed around by Revel. However, it turns out that there are some lines she won’t cross no matter what. This is shown when she stands up for Mirai later in the episode.

It’s good stuff from Platinum End, as it lays down the foundation for key characters to build on in later episodes!

Nasse to the rescue

Thankfully for Mirai, Nasse comes to his rescue after he gets struck by the red arrow. It is from there on that everyone forms a tentative alliance with each other. Revel and Nasse agree that it would benefit Saki and Mirai if they worked together, especially considering that Metropoliman is on the loose. Furthermore, Revel’s doubts about Mirai’s trustworthiness are eased when the red arrow’s effects expire after 30 days. Mirai is still super into Saki, so he could probably be relied on to protect her.

Nasse saves Mirai yet again.

Later on, they discover that Metropoliman has seemingly had a change of heart regarding killing the other candidates. He explains that he realizes that the other candidates are meant to be his allies, and invites them to a baseball stadium to chat.

It’s so clearly a trap, right? Revel points this out right away. And yet, despite no good reason for Mirai and Saki to go, they agree to go anyway. This part of Platinum End episode 3 feels a little contrived. They do state that this could be an information to learn about the other candidates, which is an okay reason to go. However, given that their lives could potentially be at stake, and that they’ve acknowledged that it’s a trap, it doesn’t seem like a good enough reason for them to go.

For someone who wants to live in order to be happy, Mirai really keeps putting himself in perilous situations. Oh well. Perhaps Nasse can come to his rescue again when he inevitably gets into trouble.

Facing off at the stadium

Platinum End episode 3 reveals a bit about Metropoliman. A scene is dedicated to him spending time outside of his shiny white suit, where he is but a mere white haired boy. Viewers also get a glimpse at his angel, who explains that the candidates are not facing him due to being afraid of dying.

The boy seems to be of a conniving nature, which implies that there is more to the stadium showdown than meets the eye.

On the day of the stadium meetup, dozens of people show up in order to witness the spectacle. Mirai and Saki attend, doing their best to keep to themselves and not attract suspicion.

Metropoliman arrives right on time and soon comes face to face with two other armored individuals. They seem to be characters from the same franchise his costume is inspired from. Suddenly, the two attack him with red arrows. However, much to the surprise of Mirai, the arrows can’t penetrate the Metropoliman armor.

Who are these guys?

So Metropoliman came prepared! This possibly means that he now has the upper hand. At worst for him, the other armor has the same protective features, so the stadium showdown will result in a stalemate. The ending of episode 3 is rather exciting, leaving viewers wondering what exactly his plan is and how it will come to fruition. It also plants a seed of curiosity in viewers regarding who the new armored figures are.

This week’s episode ends on a pretty strong note, leaving just enough crumbs to keep viewers hooked. Let’s see just where Platinum End goes from here next week!

Platinum End is streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation! Episode 4 will air on October 29th, 2021.

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