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Platinum End Episode 8: The Real Saki

Platinum End episode 8 is a bit of a small episode. There isn’t much that happens in terms of plot progression. Rather, the episode takes its time to develop the relationship between its core characters. Let’s look at what went on this week in a spoiler-filled discussion.

Saki’s past

Saki’s been a common point of criticism for Platinum End. One of the core supporting characters of the show, Saki, just never really felt like a character. For the longest time, she’s felt like someone who’s just there. Before this episode, no one could tell you anything about Saki other than that she’s a God candidate and that Mirai likes her.

Platinum End episode 8 takes time to develop her significantly. One could even argue that this is her episode. Viewers get some insight into her past and the guilt she harbors for having bullied Mirai. Here, she confesses her sins to Mirai and expresses that she feels that she deserves to be punished. The reveal that Saki had seen Mirai jump off the building in episode 1 adds some layers to her character, further compounding her guilt.

It’s just really refreshing to see Platinum End do good things with their characters now. Episode 7 was a bit of a stinker when it came to character moments. To see the show do a bit of a course correction this week is good to see, and perhaps bodes better for the show’s future.

The aftermath of battle

Platinum End episode 8 also reveals what happened to Metropoliman after the battle at the tower. He now dons bandages on his head, which everyone in his school fawns over. I suppose that’s what happens when you’re the good-looking edgy boy at school. You could get your head bashed in one day and still be the apple of everyone’s eye.

However, more important to Platinum End’s story is what comes after. Kanade analyzes the battle and determines that the green opponent he faced did not have white arrows. Consequently, that leads him to conclude that the red idiot he faced was the one with the white arrows. He then resolves to find the God candidates with his red arrows.

This, alongside the little tidbit of Kanade’s friend beginning to speculate that he’s Metropoliman, plant some interesting seeds for the show. Metropoliman’s subplots continue to drive the show forward, and it’s really no different in this episode.

Did something happen?

When discussing how to take down Metropoliman, Nanato is confronted with the new Saki. She smiles more, is more talkative, and is ready to be more active in their mission. Nanato is surprised by this and asks Mirai what the heck happened here.

Saki’s new, more energetic vibe leads her to ask how she could get her own wings. She reasons that if she had wings, she could take a more active role in taking down Metropoliman. Beret, Nanato’s angel, explains all the ways that she can get wings herself. However, Revel brings up another way she can get wings; if he ranks up, he’ll get wings that he can provide her. This appears to be the course of action that is the easiest for them all. However, it will be interesting to see just how Revel does this.

Not too much happened in Platinum End episode 8, but that’s okay. Episode 7 had some pretty big events. And given that episode 8 takes its time with its characters, it’s a step in the right direction for the show. Hopefully, this will lead to better things in the story moving forward.

Platinum End is streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation! Episode 9 will air on December 3rd, 2021.

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