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Scarlet Nexus Episode 1: Into The Heart Of The Action!

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Scarlet Nexus has premiered worldwide, and its first episode is quite a ride! The anime is an adaptation of the popular video game of the same name developed by Bandai Namco Studios.

Its story takes place in a futuristic world, where humans have powerful extrasensory powers that aid them in combat. Humans use these powers to fight the “Others,” which are dangerous, mindless mutants that descend from the Extinction Belt.

Introducing your new Scarlet Guardians!

Scarlet Nexus episode one wastes no time thrusting its audience into the action. After a hazy flashback from the perspective of our main character, Yuito Sumeragi, a battle commences as he and his best friend, Nagi Karman, engage in combat. This sparring session does a great job of introducing the powers that our main characters inhabit.

Nagi unleashes vicious gusts of wind, flexing his aerokinetic capabilities. Yuito combats his friend wielding floating girders; his psychokinetic prowess being more than a match in battle.

Scarlet Nexus - Yuito and Nagi spar before the induction ceremony!
Yuito and Nagi spar before the induction ceremony!

A quick sparring session between friends is but a short warmup for the day’s events. Yuito and Nagi are about to become members of the “Other Supression Force” (OSF). It’s a big day for the two, getting to join the battle against the mysterious “Others” after succeeding in the recruitment period.

As they approach the induction ceremony, more is revealed about these characters and their dispositions. Nagi is energetic and confident. He’s excited at the prospect of joining the OSF, relishing the prospect of becoming a Scarlet Guardian. Yuito is the more subdued of the two.

Though clearly competent in his own right, holding his own against Nagi and being dubbed the year’s “star candidate,” he seems more nervous about this new chapter of his life. It may have to do with the expectations placed on him due to his family. His father, Joe, is the chairman of New Himuka, and his brother, Kaito, is a supreme commander at the OSF. Those are big shoes to live up to.

Yuito and Nagi are about to take a big step forward!
Yuito and Nagi are about to take a big step forward!

At the induction ceremony, one of the girls in the batch immediately catches Nagi’s eye. Almost instantly, he falls head over heels for the cheery blonde named Naomi Randall. However, it’s the company that she’s in that catches Yuito’s attention. Alongside Naomi is her sister, Kasane. Yuito observes her with his curiosity piqued. She seemed so familiar. Perhaps it was because he remembered seeing the sisters at his dad’s inaugural party in the past?

Naomi ignores Nagi's advances.
Naomi ignores Nagi’s advances.

Welcome to the Seto Platoon!

Yuito and Nagi find themselves placed in Seto Platoon. Their commander, Seto Narukami, quickly introduces them to the rest of the team. The bubbly Hanabi, shy Tsugumi, and suave Kagero turn out to be their new team mates. Each of the members all possess different types of powers. This is an exciting prospect, as it opens up the opportunity for much variety in combat.

Welcome to Seto Platoon!
Welcome to Seto Platoon!

It doesn’t take long for an opportunity for combat to arise. As soon as the introductions are over, an emergency alert commences. Without skipping a beat, the Seto Platoon heads for the Others’ descent in the Suzaku area. Finally! Yuito and Nagi are more than ready to be thrust into the heart of battle…

…except the two are told to be on standby in the rearguard position. This is, of course, much to their dismay. The two do comply, though. It is an order they are following after all. And it does make sense to have the team’s newbies sit out early on. Still, their disappointment is evident as the rest of the team suits up and leaps into the battle.

The Scarlet Guardians suit up for combat!
The Scarlet Guardians suit up for combat!

The rest of the Seto Platoon take this opportunity to flex their abilities in combat. This makes for some striking visuals in the action. For example, Seto’s electric strikes and Hanabi’s fiery blasts make for some eye-catching scenes. The Seto Platoon are truly a sight to behold amid the fray.

The OSF bring the heat against the Others!
The OSF bring the heat against the Others!

Time to shine

Everything seems to be going the way of the OSF. Suddenly, a rescue alert emerges, showing a child stranded in a distant part of town. Yuito and Nagi waste no time, taking this alert as their call to action.

Yuito suits up for battle!
Yuito suits up for battle!

With a freaky looking Other standing between them and the child, Yuito and Nagi throw themselves at the creature. Yuito hurls trash cans at the Other, knocking it over and allowing him to reach the child. Nagi attempts to use his aerokinesis to cover Yuito and the child, but is soon overwhelmed by the Other. The two are then separated, with various Others attacking them individually.

Naomi comes to Nagi’s aid!

However, backup soon arrives to bail the two out of peril. Naomi uses her powers of precognition to weave through the Others, and alongside Nagi, they make it out unscathed. Kasane arrives by Yuito’s side, and together, they use their psychokinetic powers to make short work of the creatures hounding them. Their combination makes for a formidable display, with Yuito getting his first kill against the Others.

Kasane and Yuito combine to take down an Other!
Kasane and Yuito combine to take down an Other!

Suddenly, it becomes clear why Kasane has caught Yuito’s attention. She is the woman from his flashbacks. In these flashbacks, she tells a young Yuito that he must “stay alive.”

What does this mean? How is this possible? This revelation begs so many questions. Alas, the episode has no time to answer any of these, as they soon regroup with the rest of the OSF members.

"You have to stay alive."
“You have to stay alive.”

All in a day’s work

As the Seto Platoon reunites, Yuito and Nagi are commended for their excellent on-field performance. However, the praise is a bit lost on Yuito’s ears. He stares wistfully at Kasane, wondering what she’s doing in his memories. And after catching the glare of one of her team mates, Yuito realizes that his adventures as a Scarlet Guardian are only just beginning.

Why the long face?
Why the long face?

Scarlet Nexus’ episode one definitely starts off on a strong note. There are a number of interesting characters the show introduces, alongside some pretty stunning visuals and scenes. A compelling mystery also serves as a strong hook for the story. It will surely be exciting to see where the rest of the story goes. The adventures of the Scarlet Guardians will surely bring about many more twists, turns, and thrills to enjoy!

Scarlet Nexus is available to watch on Funimation!

Screenshots via Funimation

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