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Shadows House Finale - An Unexpected Ally

Shadows House finale puts a conclusion to an amazing season and answers some big questions viewers had. The final, 13th episode, titled “For the Sake of the Shadow Family” aired on July 3rd, 2021.

Last week’s episode ended on a cliffhanger. Kate had just found Emilico, but Edward was right there to catch them both. He ties them both up and starts threatening Kate. He plans on turning her over to Lord Grandfather, just so he could get up on the third floor. However, John is on his way, and the mysterious soot spirit that we first met 2 episodes ago is helping him. John gets caught by Edward’s underlings, but the soot spirit was able to escape and sneak into Edward’s room. She then helps Emilico and Kate, undoing their binds and distracting Edward.

The three of them run out of the room and meet up with John. Together, they go up to the roof but Edward, Allie, and Gerald followed them up. An interaction ensues and John is caught. He urges Kate to jump and use her wings to fly over to the children’s wing. He uses his powers to propel her forward but Edward and Allie follow.

Kate and Emilico make it to the children’s wing, where they meet Ricky, Patrick, and Shaun. Edward is closely following them, so they run into the main hall. He catches up and starts yelling, but Barbara suddenly interrupts him. Louise and Lou managed to gather all the senior Shadows and brought them to the main hall. Edward’s plan is finally ruined.

For the Sake of the Shadow Family

Edward is summoned to the third floor, where the shadows call for his banishment. However, Lord Grandfather puts a stop to that and chooses to just reprimand him. Edward sees the Shadows House as an extension of the Lord Grandfather and his power, so he will do anything to protect that. But, it sounds like the Lord of the house also has more up his sleeve, which makes Edward useful.

Kate and Emilico start their classes and return to their normal lives. However, they now know the secrets behind the Shadows Mansion and seem to have their own plans for the future. They will no longer drink tea sent by Lord Grandfather and it seems like they are ready to fight for the sake of the Shadow family – which to them includes not only shadows but also the living dolls.

As for the small spirit soot – we finally find out her true identity. She escapes the chaos and runs into one of the cells, where lonely Rum sits. There she turns into a ribbon and wraps herself around Rum’s finger. It certainly seems like Shirley found her personality at last.

You can watch the Shadows House finale on Funimation, along with the previous episodes.

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