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Studio A.X. Plans to Work On and With VTubers in the Philippines

Studio A.X. is another upcoming VTuber group in the Philippines, one of the countries in Southeast Asia with a number of Virtual YouTubers. On this feature, we got in touch with their creative director Allienus on what will make them stand out from the rest.

The Studio stemmed from a previous production called The Babydoll Project in 2018. Due to the pandemic, the team had to shift their skills to a different venture—virtual productions. As Studio A.X. is established in February 2021, they set their sights on becoming a platform for the VTuber community in the country.

When we asked the Studio A.X. team what’s their difference among other groups, they stressed that they can work on and with VTubers, providing a platform for virtual talents to grow and immerse themselves in the experience. Studio A.X. already has produced content for the community such as a guide PC build guide for VTubers last year.

Studio A.X. also opens its doors for aspiring VTubers to have connections with people who can help elevate their production flow. They announced in a short video that they will open a scouting season early this year. In addition, they have teased their first virtual talent: The Gynoid Asha.

According to the team, “Asha is the culmination of our years together as a team. She is a gynoid that exists in the promising landscape of the 22nd century.” They also put emphasis on Asha’s roles in the Studio: First and foremost, she is a virtual talent: “Her story focuses on identity, leading to a quest to find out where she belongs in the world.” Outside her duties on stream, she is also the studio’s talent director, aptly named P-san.

The scouting season which will start around May 2022 will determine the virtual talents who will join Asha as part of the studio’s lineup. Once their mid-year scouting season ends, they will formally launch by late 2022. In closing, they state their objectives:

  • They are open for collaboration with people in the production and VTubing fields.
  • Everyone should look forward to behind-the-scenes videos and Asha’s involvement within the studio.
  • To add, Asha will also host videos about VTubing and content creation.
  • The studio also looks forward to hosting community events for the VTubing scene.

For more information on Studio A.X., you can follow their updates on YouTube and Twitter.

Source: Press Release, Discord correspondence

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