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Takanashi Kiara’s Fever Night: The Best of Synthwave and Pop Combined

Takanashi Kiara, the “phoenix” VTuber under Hololive English, has just released her fourth single titled Fever Night. This follows her prior singles namely HINOTORI, Heart Challenger, and SPARKS. Unlike her previous singles, Fever Night is a refreshed vibe to her expanding discography, thanks to the signature synthwave/pop melody arranged by Astrophysics. For those out in the loop, Astrophysics’ growing discography has been focused on creating  synthwave remixes of popular songs such as Mariya Takeuchi’s Plastic Love and even Shibayan’s Tiny Little Adiantum.

I had Fever Night on loop for about a week now, and I would say the track evokes a sense of 80s nostalgia, from the stereotypical 80s drum beat to the melody that evokes a fake memory of being on the disco floor on Saturday Night Fever. The track is a fresh take on Kiara’s vibrant personality and amusing engagement with fans. As she recently concluded her stint at the German anime/manga convention DoKomi, Fever Night somehow signals a renewed commitment to the ever-joyous content creation of Kiara.

Her choice to go the synthwave/pop route for Fever Night is a brilliant move, considering that there has been a rise of popular synthwave or ‘retrowave’ artists such as The Midnight and Timecop1983, as well as the move of recent pop songs to evoke a 70s or 80s feeling, such as those of Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, among others. In addition, Fever Night is the epitome of a feel-good track, while being entranced with the song’s melody. Or, as Kiara describes in the song: “I’m in a trance with the way that you’re moving”.

Kiara had also uploaded a music video accompanying the song, and once again, it hits all elements of the reemergence of 80s songs: from the 4:3 ratio of the video to the stylish outfits depicted on the video, thanks to the illustrations made by mamaloni on Twitter. Judging both the lyricism, melody, and music aesthetics, Takanashi Kiara’s Fever Night is a sure bop among original VTuber tracks this year. Because at the end of the day, nothing beats a good old bop that you can listen to while getting lost in your daydreams. Or perhaps one could imagine the invitation Kiara is singing: Baby, meet me underneath the strobe light.

Fever Night is now also available for digital streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes.

Featured Image: Screengrab from “Fever Night” music video

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