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The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 13 - An Epic Chaos of a Premiere

The Case Study of Vanitas is finally back, and it delivered an incredible episode 13. Other than the new opening and ending songs, the first episode of the second cour delivers back-to-back action scenes. It’s a lot to be really excited about, especially when there are so many characters in one place!

The series picks up immediately where it left off as Vanitas and Noé travel to investigate the rumored Beast of Gévaudan. The trip is livelier now because the information brokers, Dante and Johann, have come along. The whole dynamic is amusing to watch, especially with Vanitas’ sarcasm and Noé’s simplicity at play. The episode, however, doesn’t waste any time and throws everything and everyone into motion! The forest ominously transforms into a mysterious winter. Whether it is time-travel or not, the beast itself appears, and then Jeanne, Astolfo, and finally, the Charlatan! In the end, everyone becomes entangled in the chaos, especially Vanitas who later even loses his blue grimoire.

It’s amazing how the episode paced the story so well. Plus, the whole cast and more are here! Honestly, there are a lot of things about The Case Study of Vanitas episode 13 that are worth praising and being excited about. The visuals, animation, music, voice acting, and plot development– all very brilliantly executed.

For example, when the Bourreau Jeanne appears in full battle mode and saves Vanitas, that was an awesome entrance. Another highlight of the episode is when the Paladin Astolfo had his badass introduction. The Case Study of Vanitas episode 13 establishes that he is a terrifying and crazy antagonist to look out for. Unlike Roland, this chasseur doesn’t listen to any of Noé’s pleas to talk. Astolfo is an intense character (props to Murase Ayumu), but this fact made Vanitas’ taunting of him all the more hilarious and entertaining.

Vanitas saving Jeanne was also another cool moment, especially the fact that the opposite situation happened earlier. But just when we thought he could do something to appease the chaos, the chain of his grimoire is cut! Vanitas without his grimoire? That looks worrisome. Before the end of the episode, we catch a glimpse of yet another set of new characters — Chloé and Jean-Jacques from the trailers. Could this be the ” Chloé ” that Jeanne was referring to when she was talking to the Beast of Gévaudan? There’s some history there, and it’ll be interesting to see Jeanne’s own moment in the spotlight soon.

(It’s an interesting fun fact that the Beast of Gévaudan really exists in history, and that “Jeanne” was the name of the girl who first saw the beast.)

All in all, this was a strong episode with an equal balance of comedy and action. Moreover, it’s just so great to have this anime back. It’s been a long three months since the first cour, so right now, it feels familiar and nostalgic to watch. This was a chaotic mess of a premiere, but nevertheless, it delivered a lot of hype. Personally, The Case Study of Vanitas episode 13 revived my enthusiasm for this series, and I cannot wait to watch the rest of it — the bromance, romance, vampire stuff, and all the battles ahead. Most of all, I am curious to see how all of these characters’ stories will intertwine and eventually connect to the Beast of Gévaudan.

The next episode will release on FridayJanuary 21, at 24:00 JST. The English subtitled versions will also be available later on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Bilibili in select regions. If you enjoyed this episode, make sure to vote for it on our weekly polls!

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