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To Your Eternity Episode 11 — A Love Story Unfolds

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“To Your Eternity” episode 11 is out! After the four-year time skip, everyone is all grown up now. However, Shin reappears in front of Gugu. Rean’s birthday and engagement is also around the corner. Will Gugu make his move? The episode is titled “Gift from the Past.”

Rean and Fushi sewing
To Your Eternity Episode 11 — Fushi learns to sew!

“To Your Eternity” episode 11 begins with Rean teaching Fushi how to sew. We discover that Fushi hasn’t transformed in the past four years, so his body also grew. The Knockers also never came back. At the same time, Fushi wanted to experience life as a human like Gugu and the others. However, The Beholder thinks little of Fushi’s growth because there has been no stimulation. 

Rean also invites Fushi and Gugu to her 16th birthday party. She tells Fushi how frustrated she is that she has to marry someone her parents chose for her. Fushi innocently mentions how Gugu likes Rean, and that he will be happy to marry her. Rean blushes. In the end, they both finish sewing their crayfish face mask and sweat rag.

Gugu and Shin
To Your Eternity Episode 11 — Shin regrets his past behavior

Meanwhile outside, Shin appears and apologizes to Gugu. He tries to persuade Gugu to come with him so they can continue their mansion dream together. However, Gugu angrily refuses. Gugu was indeed miserable after being abandoned. However, after overcoming it, he now has a treasured family—the genius old man who saved his life, a smart grandma, kind Rean, and an irreplaceable younger brother Fushi. Gugu asks his brother not to take away any more from him. 

Shin enters the store to return a ring—the same exact ring Rean gave Gugu four years ago. Rean sees this and (finally) ponders about it. Is Gugu the same boy from the market? She ends up telling him that if he wants to make a move on her, now is the time. He did say after all that he loved her. Gugu is confused and panicked! 

“To Your Eternity” continues on as the Booze Man presents Gugu with a gift —a new mask! Not only does it fit better now for the grown Gugu, the old man also equips it with anti-tree-enemy features. It is able to light a fire which Gugu can use in battle! Gugu becomes very happy, and in turn makes the old man very happy too. The two of them celebrate. 

Gugu and Fushi prepare to go to Rean’s 16th Birthday Party. Before the two leave, the old Booze Man becomes emotional about the fact that Gugu is such a good kid. He thinks of the boy as his very own grandson and tells Pioran how he wishes a good life for him. 

The brothers arrive at the mansion and meet Rean. While Fushi gives vegetables, Gugu on the other hand gives a dream bellflower—the same flower Rean was looking at during the accident. Because of this, Rean’s family and guests think badly of Gugu. He then decides to go home after seeing Rean with her fiancé. Rean however, becomes surer of her feelings for Gugu.  While Fushi finishes his food, Rean catches up to Gugu. 

Gugu and Rean's moment
To Your Eternity Episode 11 — The Dream Bell Flower

The two of them have an intimate moment as Rean asks Gugu about his mask again. Gugu thoughtfully and slowly gives her details of the accident. At the same time, Rean is convinced of who Gugu really is—he’s the boy who saved her life four years ago, and has been protecting her since! Rean and Gugu finally connect the dots of both the fateful day and their feelings.

It’s a moving, endearing, and beautiful moment. However, peace (and happiness) doesn’t last in “To Your Eternity” episode 11. Before Rean could finish her sentence, the patio collapses! Gugu pushes Rean to save her again. We last see Gugu as he falls down the cliff. Meanwhile, The Beholder appears to tell Fushi that the Knockers are there…!?

A Romantic Episode

Grown-up Fushi is so wholesome! His character is so gentle, kind, and sweet. Plus, he can talk fluently now. I’m very happy seeing the interactions and friendship between these three kids. My favorite part is definitely when Gugu bluntly but innocently tells Rean to ask Gugu to marry her. Rean’s reaction is also very cute. The moment between Gramps and Gugu really tugs my heartstrings too. The mask looks so awesome. Plus, that battle upgrade!  

Of course, “To Your Eternity” is never complete without its heartaches. Gugu and Shin’s brotherly reunion is really sad. No matter how much Shin wants to make amends, it’s too late for an apology. I’m glad though that Shin turned his life around. (I still don’t like him though.) Also, he kept Gugu’s ring and even gave it back! 

The highlight of this episode is definitely Gugu and Rean coming to understand their feelings for each other. It’s such a precious and wholesome development! Watching Rean slowly realize the truth is more than satisfying. 

Honestly, the ending scene was such a beautiful and perfectly executed scene. I appreciate how honest (and smooth) Gugu was as well as how kind (and straightforward) Rean was too. They’ve both grown to become mature and nice young adults and this makes me so happy. Plus, the music was lovely.

To Your Eternity Episode 11 — Rean holding the dream bellflower
To Your Eternity Episode 11 — Bellflower is a symbol of affection and everlasting love, perfect to give someone you will treasure for the rest of your life.

I like how the drama of the “rules” was short-lived. It was nice to have their relationship/romance thing cleared up too. Well, sort of. Rather than “stirring the pot”, the show instead keeps us on suspense. Rean was finally going to confess to Gugu until the patio broke! (Again, I was internally screaming my annoyance.) Why does this anime keep hurting us so?

As soon as “To Your Eternity” episode 11 ended, I did table flips in my mind. That cliffhanger (pun intended) is too much! It’s frustrating and nerve-wracking, plus there’s the fact that there are no previews for the next episode. Overall, it was a nice and wholesome episode. It was also nice to hear Fushi’s motivational words, a quote from Parona back in episode 5

While there’s no telling what could happen next, I’m still excited (and scared) for next week. We should all brace ourselves too. For now, let’s look at a frame from the opening song that may or may not be a spoiler. It looks so epic! What do you think? 

Gugu and Rean in the opening

To Your Eternity Episode 12 Release Date

The next episode of “To Your Eternity” is titled “Awakening” and it will air on Monday, June 28 at 10:50 PM (JST). It will be available to watch on Crunchyroll in select regions.

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To Your Eternity” is an anime adaptation of the manga series written by Yoshitoki Ōima. It follows the story of a mysterious orb sent to Earth. It has no identity nor emotions, but through time it learns to take different forms. One day, it acquires the form of a boy and gains consciousness. The boy, Fushi, sets off to travel in search of new experiences, places, and people. “The journey begins.”

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