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VShojo Debuts First Ever Male Talent Kuro Kurenai

US-based VTuber agency VShojo has announced the debut of its first-ever male talent, named Kuro Kurenai. He debuted on September 30 at 6 PM PST. His lore is described as an “undead god regaining powers, searching for his other half.” In a short video uploaded by the agency, Kuro said that he aims to stream every day and that he is thankful for those who attended his debut.

Short Message from Kuro Kurenai, VShojo’s newest member

The agency first teased Kuro on September 25 when a trailer with the hashtag #UndeadK9 was released. A second trailer was then released on September 28, depicting the VShojo members paying a visit to Kuro’s grave and sending out an invitation.

Kuro is the latest addition to VShojo, following indie VTuber GEEGA. They now join the existing roster of VShojo talents which includes Ironmouse, Froot, Zentreya, Projekt Melody, Hime Hajime, Haruka Karibu, Kson, and Amemiya Nazuna. Recently, talents Silvervale and Veibae, as well as Nyanners, left the agency to pursue their VTubing activities independently.

VShojo was founded by chief executive officer Justin “GunRun” Ignacio and chief technology officer Philip “MowtenDoo” Fortunat. In March 2022, the agency raised US$11m in funding aimed at strengthening the company’s presence worldwide. The funding includes participation in major gaming and anime culture conventions, as well as upcoming talent recruitments to expand content production.

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