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VTuber News Round-Up: Week of February 27, 2022

It is Week 9 of 2022, and VTuber news keeps coming. At this point, we’re going to get used to a lot of announcements from the fast-paced world of Virtual YouTubing. We take a deep breath and look at major events this week.

But First: Congratulations on Your Milestones

Before we proceed, let us give a huge shout-out to everyone who has reached their milestones:

The Ugly: WACTOR Reveals Talent’s Real Name in a Lawsuit—Talent Responds

Now let’s get to the Ugly VTuber News: WACTOR, a brand popular with the Hispanic audience, is in hot water after posting announcing on Twitter that they will pursue legal charges against its talent Shino Laila, who was part of its second-generation roster.

WACTOR cites “problematic conduct” by engaging in VTuber activities outside of the company as one of the reasons. Aside from this, the company called foul by saying that she is acting as if she was the victim—worse, they revealed her real name in the lawsuit, an unprecedented move in the industry. For the record, Shino Laila’s activities were suspended last November 2021 due to breach of contract.

This announcement prompted a response from the doxxed talent, who is a GL artist by profession: “Am I the first in the VTuber history to be doxxed by her own company?” Here’s the thing: We learned that there was no specific detail on whether she was terminated by the company—which leaves us thinking if Shino Laila’s status in the company is still floating up to this point.

Everyone has questions on their minds regarding this matter, but one thing is clear: They will all have to lawyer up against each other. This is not the only news inside WACTOR, as they suspended activities for another talent of theirs, Kurari Rose.

Bad News: This Week’s Still Not for Hololive and Nijisanji

Nijisanji had a bad week: Eden-gumi’s Lauren Iroas was caught in 4K having illegal materials, prompting him to take a break. Moments after this, a planned Eden-gumi collaboration with NTT docomo’s Ahamo mobile service is cancelled early. Before this, Nijisanji was supposed to have a collaboration stream with J1 League is suspended. Lead organizer and huge baseball fan Maimoto Keisuke is sad knowing the news.

Aside from these, two Nijisanji KR livers announced their graduation as well: Lee On and Shin Kiru, both to graduate March 31.

Meanwhile, at Hololive, we learned that Momosuzu Nene is a huge fan of illustrator Namori (Yuru Yuri), so much that she draws illustrations based on Namori-sensei’s art style, considered as partly tracing by her management at Cover Corp. For example, we can go back to last year when she drew a postcard for her first anniversary.

She apologized formally to everyone, as well as to Namori-sensei directly. The illustrator accepted the apology, her colleague Airani Iofifteen offered to guide her as well, and all is good. This is comforting to know, and it melts our hearts to see that this sis resolved. Please continue to be adorable for us husbands, Nenechi.

Also, Hololive alerts everyone about a fake Hololive Music account which is phishing Twitter users through direct messages. The fake account no longer exists. Meanwhile, Inugami Korone’s hand got injured and so she rested for a day—her yubi hurts that bad.

Kawaii’s Aruru Gray Graduates With a Final Thank-You Video

After quite a while, it has been decided that Production Kawaii’s Gen 2 VTuber Aruru Gray will have a thank-you video instead of a graduation stream, bringing a montage of her moments. We wish Aruru Gray all the best on her future endeavors.

Ryuuki Tatsuya of Yume Reality Graduates—Indonesian VTubers React

Indonesia’s VTuber community is at a loss as Ryuuki Tatsuya of Yume Reality terminates his activities starting February 28, Monday. Muse Indonesia’s Daem attests to the dragon’s career as a Vtuber: “Tatsuya provides one of the best, if not the best, streaming content as a male VTuber.” Even popular VTuber Evelyn tweeted that he is a hard worker and a good person. His Yume Reality colleague Tsuyu Hortenshia, although shocked and sad, clarifies that he and the agency both agreed on this decision.

Indonesia’s Shard Entertainment Dissolves

In their latest announcement, Indonesian virtual streamer agency Shard Entertainment announces its closure which will happen after the departure of the voices behind its talents Matsumura Akane (March 1) and Fujioka Tomoko (March 7). Its Discord and YouTube channels will be closed on March 13. Shard said that the closure is due to the inability to continue the business operationally and financially.

Other Bad VTuber News in this Section

  • MyHolo TV’s Athelia Hiroyuki takes a one-month hiatus from March 5 to April 9 so that she can have her wisdom tooth extracted and transition to a new job.
  • VTubers who are also Artesian Builds ambassadors woke up to the news that the company changed rules for its sweepstakes while it’s running on stream, causing the company a huge PR disaster. We also understood that some VTubers rejected their ambassadorship offer before.
  • Stellaa ends her activities with Muse Indonesia starting March 1, making her independent. The channel had a send-off party for her, and wishes her all the best.
  • Please allow me to be sensitive about this one: We know a clipper who makes fun of bad situations, forcing the VTuber he clipped on (in this case, Takanashi Kiara) to clarify her side in the comments of the exact clip. We are not sure if he replied back directly at the talent, but we see a pattern where he denies the existence of her comment, even if one of his fellow clippers is waking him up. He did apologize, but his fellow Vtuber fans are quick to catch up on him.
  • VTubers are advised to tread TikTok with caution as they may get stereotyped—or worse, cancelled—because of their culture.
  • Fans in Israel have to wait a bit longer as Idol Corp postpones the posting of its character lineup to March 10.
  • Animare’s Shiromiya Mimi announces her retirement from her activities due to health issues.
  • Project Avatar 2.0’s Enishi Uka announces graduation stream on March 31.
  • iDog VTuber Kei.exe graduates with a final stream Saturday, March 5

Good VTuber News: Hololive’s Media Blitz Leading to Super Expo 2022 +more

Despite challenges, Hololive is pushing through with their Super Expo and Link Your Wish concert with a media blitz featuring posters and newspaper ads plus train ads scattered across Japan. Another good news from Hololive is their collaboration with the Tokyo 7th Sisters franchise, featuring Tokino Sora, Hoshimachi Suisei and AZKi.

Also recently, CEO Motoaki Tanigo (YAGOO) is interviewed by the Mainichi Shimbun about Hololive (paywall). Here’s how he recognized fan clipping culture:

[…] In addition, enthusiastic fans have taken the lead in translating Japanese content into other languages, including English, “clipped videos,” in which favorite scenes are cut and edited from YouTube videos, are also attracting new fans. […]

Machine translation of an excerpt from Motoaki Tanigo’s interview with the Mainichi Shimbun

VShojo Charity Stream Ongoing

VShojo is not new to holding charity streams, and they are once again making history in support of Project HOPE, which provides essential medicines and medical supplies to assist Ukrainians. Nyanners is the first to host the charity stream for the group.

Other Good VTuber News

  • Mythia Batford, one of Indonesia’s rising indie VTubers, gets a new model for her birthday. (We’ll get to her debut original song in a while)
  • Amatsuka Uto greets Twitter with a new update—apparently, she’s doing voice actor work too, which is one of the reasons why she’s inactive for so long.
  • Two new programs are now released to the public: VIRTU VTuber Camera for PC and iOS, and VRM Posing Desktop for Steam.
  • Nijisanji’s Sukoya Kana hints at returning from her streaming break soon.

Classified Ads, Merch and Music

News You Can Use: Interesting, Thought-Provoking VTuber News Items

Latest Debut Announcements

To close this week’s recap, Twitch clarifies what counts as a stream: Having the stream played in your browser counts. See you in the next recap—and for the love of God, do not open your Discord app on stream unless it’s necessary.

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