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World's End Harem Counts Down Days Until Premiere With Special Illustrations

The upcoming anime World’s End Harem is counting the days until its premiere on October 8th by posting special illustrations on Twitter. The countdown started on September 7, 2021, exactly one month before the premiere of the series. The show will air on October 8, 2021.

You can also check some of the illustrations below:

World’s End Harem 13th illustration featuring Chifuyu made by Go-1
World’s End Harem 20th illustration featuring Rea made by Karasuro

You can see more illustrations by visiting the official Twitter account of World’s End Harem.

World’s End Harem is a Japanese manga series by LINK. Shueisha started serializing it in May 2016, and it currently has 12 volumes with more than 7 million copies in circulation. The count includes the digital releases and spin-off mangas such as World’s End Harem: Fantasia and World’s End Harem: Britannia Lumiere.

Studio Gokumi and AXsiZ will animate the series while Yuu Nobuta (The Faraway Paladin) is directing.

Synopsis of World’s End Harem

The time is near future-Tokyo, Japan in 2040. Reito, a young man suffering from an intractable disease, vows to reunite with his childhood friend Erisa and decides to “cold sleep” to cure his illness. When he wakes up five years later, the world was undergoing a major transformation. The MK (Male Killer) virus kills 99.9% of men on the planet. The ground was a super harem with 5 billion women for every 5 men. Only five men, “Numbers,” are resistant to the MK virus. One of them, Reito, is required to “mate” for the survival of the remaining women and humankind. Harem life waiting for the world after the pandemic. At the same time, Reito is involved in a global conspiracy over Numbers. Can he overcome the temptation and save the world?


In addition, you can watch the official trailer of the show below:

Source: Official Twitter

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