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Akari Kitou and Yuya Hozumi Deny Dating Rumors

Akari Kitou and Yuya Hozumi denied that they are dating, a rumor which first appeared in an article published by the Japanese Bunshun magazine. The article details interactions and is full of pictures of the two. It even mentions that Yuya seems to have the keys to Akarin’s home.

A picture of Akari and Yuya together from the Bunshun article

Few hours after the article was published, both Akari and Yuya made a statement on their Twitter accounts. They denied the rumors of them dating and also clarified that they are just close friends. They apologized for the inconvenience and worry they caused their fans.

Additionally, they promised that they will continue to do their best in their work and that they hope that the fans will continue to support them:

Regarding what one of the news sources reported, as I answered to my office, Hozumi-san is one of my good friends. I apologize for worrying you and the commotion caused. As before, I’d like to continue working hard sincerely as a voice actress, so I hope you keep supporting me from now on.

Yuya Hozumi also made a similar statement:

Regarding the report, I apologize for the commotion caused. Kito-san is a good friend of mine. Allow me to express my sincere apology for worrying everyone who has been supporting me. I will further exert myself from now on, so I hope to receive your support.

Akari Kitou is a voice actress who voiced popular characters such as Nezuko from Demon Slayer, Kanata from Fly Me to the Moon, and Kaho from Blend S. Yuya Hozumi is best known as Keyaru from Redo of Healer. He also placed 10th in Anime Corner’s Winter 2021 seiyuu poll.

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