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Combatants Will Be Dispatched Episode 2: Agent 6's Harem Completes

Combatants Will Be Dispatched Episode 2 has been released! With this, agent 6 completes his harem. The anime is one of the action comedy series this Spring. The story revolves around the adventures of the protagonist, agent 6, together with his companions on a different world. To start off, on the previous episode of the anime, agent 6 and his partner, Alice Kisaragi, has been transported in another world to fulfill their mission from their company, Kisaragi Corporation. There, the tandem’s new adventure begins. As part of that, agent 6 has formed a team by adding 2 additional woman in his harem in Combatants Will Be Dispatched Episode 2.

You can check out here the faces of the two additional girls in agent 6’s harem!

Image of Rose
Image of Grimm

A Summary of the Happenings on Agent 6 and His Team

Agent 6 and his harem went to confront some of the demon lord’s army. However, they faced two strong opponents. Agent 6‘s party called those 2 a mutants. Given how strong agent 6 and the others are, they still suffered an overwhelming defeat. In fact, they were able to take down 1 of Agent 6’s friends.

One of the mutants, Heine
One of the mutants, Gadalkan

The two mutants left them. Then, agent 6 felt really down and confused because of what happened to one of his crew member only to find out that she will be resurrected at night. They went on a temple and wait there for her resurrection.

There, agent 6 formed a close bond on one of the his allies. In fact, they suddenly became close to each other to the point that they are doing crazy things publicly. Of course, the protagonist always do some crazy things when dealing with his harem.

You can check out here some of some of the crazy things agent 6 did on his harem!

What kind of world did Agent 6 and his team are on? Can they survive the army of the demon lord? Can agent 6 and his band defeat a mutant? What kind of power does agent 6’s harem wield? The only way to find out is to watch the anime.

Anime Details

In case you didn’t know, Combatants Will Be Dispatched was originally a novel series written by Natsume Akatsuki. Moreover, the first volume was released on November, 2017 by Kadokawa Shoten and currently have 6 volumes as of now. There’s also a manga that was being published since March, 2018. Then, it inspired an anime adaptation that premiered this Spring 2021.

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With world domination nearly in their grasp, the Supreme Leaders of the Kisaragi Corporation—an underground criminal group turned evil megacorp—have decided to try their hands at interstellar conquest. A quick dice roll nominates their chief operative, Combat Agent Six, to be the one to explore an alien planet…and the first thing he does when he gets there is change the sacred incantation for a holy ritual to the most embarrassing thing he can think of.

But evil deeds are business as usual for Kisaragi operatives, so if Six wants a promotion and a raise, he’ll have to work much harder than that! For starters, he’ll have to do something about the other group of villains on the planet, who are calling themselves the “Demon Lord’s Army” or whatever. After all, this world doesn’t need two evil organizations!

Screenshots via: Muse Asia
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