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Platinum End Episode 4: Metropoliman's Plan

Platinum End episode 4 amps up the intensity of the show to a significant degree! The face off at the baseball stadium commences, and everyone present has got their own agenda. However, Metropoliman shows just how much cunning and guile he has. This episode is certainly a highlight of Platinum End’s season so far, featuring tons of twists and turns in a riveting showcase. Let’s talk about this episode’s key talking points. Spoilers ahead!

Will the real Metropoliman please stand up?

Platinum End episode 4 kicks off with the reveal that the Metropoliman in the stadium isn’t real. He is but a pawn that the real Metropoliman shot with a red arrow. This lends some insight into just how meticulous Metropoliman is, showing himself to be careful in taking action.

A quick flashback reveals that Metro Blue and Yellow are students who had failed to get into the college they wanted. After receiving powers from angels, they vowed to stand by each other should either of them become God. And clearly, they came into the stadium ready to die if it meant stopping Metropoliman. After all, their plan consists of emphasizing their two man advantage, believing that if Metropoliman came to kill one of them, the other could seize an opening and attack him.

However, Metropoliman’s little trick has thrown a wrench into their plans. Honestly, this shows the massive gap between him and his competitors when it comes to preparation. He even goes as far as to debunk one of their theories about the arrows through the jumbotron. This little moment in the show highlights Metropoliman’s brilliance, and makes him an even more formidable opponent moving forward.

Other candidates?

The episode then takes a turn when a little girl floats into the stadium through the air. She begs for Metro Blue and Yellow to take her in as an ally, expressing that she’s afraid of falling into Metropoliman’s clutches. The two agree and ask her to slowly come forward and to agree to taking a hit from their red arrows.

The little girl does this, but is soon snatched from the air by Metropoliman, who strikes her with a red arrow. After doing so, he belittles Blue and Yellow, calling them stupid for not acting fast enough to shoot another God candidate. Thanks to that, this battle is now a two on two.

That doesn’t seem to be the case for long, as two new figures also volunteer to join Blue and Yellow. This time, it’s Pink and Green who have come to the frey! Not wanting to make the same mistake again, Blue and Yellow fly toward the two and shoot them with their arrows.

However, this turns out to be another rookie mistake. In the time they took to go toward Pink and Green, the real Metropoliman had replaced his double on the field! Furthermore, Pink and Green turn out to be actors hired by Metropoliman, so they can’t even help in the battle! It is here when Metropoliman kills Metro Blue with his white arrow, and shoots Metro Yellow with his red one, ending the battle swiftly.

Were Blue and Yellow stupid for making two big blunders in the battle? Yeah. But that shouldn’t take away from the spectacle of having Metropoliman play them like a fiddle. At a numbers disadvantage, he properly dismantled his opponents and came out on top. That, plus the fact that he gets Metro Blue’s arrows, just makes Metropoliman even scarier.

Public execution

Metropoliman saves his most horrific showcase for the end of Platinum End episode 4 though. He handcuffs the little girl and Metro Yellow to railing on the stadium and threatens to kill Metro Yellow. He does this to showcase that the powers of the red arrow are limited, as Yellow refuses to die and tries to fly away, despite being in love with Metropoliman. After toying with him for a bit, Metropoliman shoots Yellow with a white arrow, executing him in front of the public.

The horrifying sight continues as he readies to kill the little girl now too. The girl frantically tries to fly away, begging for him to stop as tears stream down her face. As she cries for her mother, you get the sense that Metropoliman is amused by the sight. The girl’s angel even comes down to beg for any other God candidates to save the girl. Metropoliman seconds this by edging on any candidates watching, going as far as to call them “cowards”.

The sight is a painful one to watch for all in the stands. It’s hard to see Yellow almost tear the girl’s wrist off as he attempted to fly away. The girl’s cries to spare her life are gut wrenching too. However, you just know that this is another trap by Metropoliman, baiting candidates to come forward. It’s exactly the kind of trap Mirai would fall into, especially after seeing how badly the sight affects Saki.

Will Mirai take the bait? We’ll have to wait until next week to find out. Though you probably already know he will. He is the main character, after all.

Platinum End is streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation! Episode 5 will air on November 5th, 2021.

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