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Platinum End Episode 5: Unlikely Allies

Platinum End episode 5 concludes the thrilling stadium sequence and shows just how Mirai and company can move forward after the tragic event. This episode also lends some insight into who the man behind Metropoliman really is. Let’s look at this week’s episode’s key talking points. Spoilers ahead!

Tragedy at the stadium

The previous episode ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, implying that Mirai would step forward and save the little girl from Metropoliman. Nasse, however, tells him to stay put. He does this and watches in horror as Metropoliman executes the girl right there. A sense of dread permeates around the stadium as her lifeless body collapses, tears still streaming down her face.

Sure, Mirai and Saki are able to make it out of the confrontation unscathed, which is a good thing. But ultimately, almost everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong. Metropoliman killed off several God candidates and got stronger in the process after acquiring their arrows and wings. Unbeknownst to the two, they have been identified by someone in the crowd as well, having been caught looking up at Nasse. Furthermore, innocent people got killed for no good reason. Talk about bringing your characters to a low point.

Mirai and Saki leave the stadium devastated.

Apart from kicking the story’s characters to the ground, this bit of the episode also sheds some light on Nasse’s character. Viewers may have felt that Nasse’s got a bit of a screw loose. However, the episode all but confirms this. In an interaction with Metropoliman, Nasse confesses that she doesn’t feel anything when watching people die. She also issues a bit of a threat, warning him not to interfere with her human’s happiness. Looks like there’s more bite than meets the eye when it comes to this cute angel!

A new alliance

In Platinum End episode 5, Mirai and Saki meet Nanato Mukaido. He’s a God candidate who seeks to find allies to fight against Metropoliman. He explains that he has cancer and doesn’t expect to live very long. Knowing this, Nanato sought to use what’s left of his life to do what he can.

It definitely feels very easy to trust him. Nasse was able to confirm that Nanato was telling the truth to Mirai and Saki. Furthermore, his words also sound very earnest and heartfelt. But apart from being a trustworthy ally, he also reveals that he’s taken measures to find the other candidates to form an alliance with them. As he details the steps he’d taken, you get the sense that he’s also a rather competent fellow who could definitely be an asset against Metropoliman.

Nanato seems like he’s a trustworthy fellow… for now.

Overall, things don’t look too bleak after meeting Nanato. There’s definitely a lot still to do, but it definitely seems like this little alliance of theirs could bear fruit. Let’s see in the next episode if they’re going to be able to execute their first plan.

The man under the mask

Platinum End episode 5 also sheds some light on what the man behind Metropoliman is like. He is but a mere student named Kanade Uryu. The time dedicated to fleshing Kanade out is rather short, but there are a few important things viewers learn about him.

The first important thing to note is that Kanade is ambitious. He presents his friend with a question, asking him what he’d do if he could wish for anything. However, Kanade is disappointed by his answers, stating that if you could wish for anything, you should wish for something impossible. This solidifies the rationale behind Metropoliman’s actions. It’s clear that he has lofty goals, and thus, it makes sense that he’d take drastic measures to reach them.

Kanade visits his sister on her birthday.

Later on, it’s also revealed that Kanade has a soft spot for his sister. It’s implied that she died when he explains that he would want to wish to bring back the dead. However, toward the end of the episode, he visits her in some sort of cryo-chamber. He brings flowers and greets her happy birthday. It’s unclear what exactly the situation is with her right now, but it’s important to note that this is the first real step the show has taken to make Kanade relatable so far.

Overall, this episode was a neat little building block for the show. It brought the stadium showdown to a close and fleshed out the characters to a good degree. Next week’s episode looks exciting, as it seems like it will lead to the gang meeting at least one more God candidate. Just what danger lies in store for them all?

Platinum End is streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation! Episode 6 will air on November 12th, 2021.

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