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Platinum End Episode 6: An Explosive Encounter

Platinum End episode 6 really amps things up for the show. A crazy serial killer is on the loose, and is a pawn in Metropoliman’s scheme. Together with Nanato, Mirai and Saki must find a way to navigate this dangerous game. Let’s discuss key points from this week’s episode in a spoiler-filled discussion!

A teenage psycho

Platinum End episode 6 formally introduces viewers to Mimimi Yamada. She’s a crazed psychopathic serial killer with a taste for cute girls. In the show, she’d begun to start murdering young girls and leaving their bodies for the police to find. It’s absolutely sick, and revolting to see how much fun she gets out of it.

Of course, as is the case with most things in Platinum End, Mimimi is in cahoots with Metropoliman. They are seen interacting in the episode, alluding to a sort of plan they had agreed on. What this plan is, remains unclear until the episode’s finale, but knowing those two, it can’t be good.

Don’t be fooled by her cute looks; Mimimi Yamada is dangerous.

There are other scenes in the episode that are horrifying to watch. In some ways, this episode is the most graphic that Platinum End has had so far. Scenes of Mimimi relishing her kills in her own depraved and revolting manner are so uncomfortable. Ultimately, this is to the show’s strength, as it characterizes her so well, and frames what she does in an evil light.

Stopping the killings

Seeing the news of Mimimi’s crimes on television, Nanato tries to come up with a way to stop her. The group acknowledges that Mimimi’s actions are probably bait on Metropoliman’s part, who they presume would act should any God candidate try to fight her. However, even despite this knowledge, Nanato presses on with trying to find a solution.

These past two episodes have really endeared viewers to Nanato’s character. He is tremendously active in Platinum End’s story, driving the plot forward to an even greater degree than the show’s protagonists. This, on top of the fact that he’s a kind-hearted soul trying to do his best in a dangerous world, makes him so endearing. He also showcases a careful thought process in his plans, showing that he’s far from being the most naïve.

He may look a bit silly, but Nanato’s been one of Platinum End’s best characters.

Eventually, Nanato decides to take action. The plan moving forward is for Nanato to engage with Mimimi, while Mirai looks on from afar, ready to strike Metropoliman should he arrive. It’s not the most intricate plan, but it’s something. However, the risks are so palpable in this scenario. Given how likeable Nanato has become thus far, to see him jump straight into this plan is nail-biting.

Encounter on the tower

Donning new battle suits, Nanato and Mirai head for the tower that Mimimi is on. They initiate the plan, with Mirai staying a good distance off of Nanato. Clad in green armor, Nanato points a gun at Mimimi. He asks her what she is doing, to which she calmly replies that she’s online shopping.

Nanato prepares to fire his gun. However, before he can do so, Metropoliman presses a button from the safety of his base. Suddenly, the top of the tower goes up in flames due to a gargantuan explosion. Ash and ember ripple through the sky as Mirai watches in horror.

Could Nanato survive that?

It feels cruel to end an episode like this. All that talk about Nanato being such a likeable character could only really result in this, couldn’t it? There’s a chance he survives, but I personally wouldn’t bet on it. The explosion looked absolutely killer, and it would take a lot to get out of it unscathed. Hopefully, Nanato does make it out in one piece though. It took multiple pushes from him to get Mirai into action. How would Mirai even be able to function without him?

Will Nanato make it? We’ll have to wait until next week to see.

Platinum End is streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation! Episode 7 will air on November 19th, 2021.

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