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Scarlet Nexus Episode 6: Hidden Powers, Red Strings

Scarlet Nexus Episode 6 is now airing! This week’s episode answers some big questions that the anime has posed so far. This is certainly one of the more interesting episodes of the series though. It has turned things on its head with its revelations, and further drives the intrigue that the story has been pushing. Let’s discuss the episode’s key points! Spoilers ahead!

The year 2070

Scarlet Nexus Episode 6 starts off from the perspective of Kasane. She and the rest of Kyoka Platoon find themselves stranded in the strange world they were left at in Episode 4. It is there that they run into a mysterious figure that is revealed to be Yuito Sumeragi. However, this isn’t the Yuito that Kasane was fighting alongside a few episodes ago. This is a rugged, weary, visionless Yuito 50 years in the future.

It turns out that this strange place Kasane finds herself in is the New Himuka of 2070. Future Yuito reveals that after Karen Travers’ coup, Yuito was forced to take on the role of “hero” for New Himuka. He explains that the fighting between the differing factions led to New Himuka falling to ruin. He blames himself in part for this, lamenting that even after learning the truth about the evils of New Himuka, he didn’t do anything. Furthermore, he confirms to Kasane that the New Himuka government gave the order to turn Naomi into an Other.

Kasane learns the truth

Future Yuito also explains that Kasane possesses the power to time travel. Her power appeared to be psychokinesis merely due to her ability to manipulate dimensions and gravity. It is this power that resonated with Yuito’s that led to the formation of the black hole, named the Kunad Gate. With Yuito claiming he is to blame for all of this, he tells Kasane what she must do to make things right: she must kill him.

Finally, Scarlet Nexus gives us some answers! It basically all but confirms the nefarious nature behind the New Himuka government. Additionally, it also ups the stakes of the story by showing the outcome that the current battle is leading toward. This is the destination everyone is heading toward unless something changes.

Talk about heightening the tension!

Kasane takes action!

After witnessing the gruesome death of future Yuito at the hands of the Others, Kasane is returned to her original place on the timeline. Armed with knowledge from the future Kasane attempts to take matters into her own hands.

She finds herself at the foot of a dying Joe Sumeragi. A bloodied knife by his side, he reveals to her that the New Himuka government did play a role in Naomi’s transformation. This all but confirms to Kasane the truth of future Yuito’s words.

However, at that instant, the current Yuito arrives. This is the point that Episode 5 left viewers on, with Yuito finding Kasane standing over his father’s body brandishing a knife. With future Yuito’s words in mind, she charges at him, nearly stabbing the knife into his throat.

Kasane attacks Yuito!

Fortunately for Yuito, Seto Platoon arrives behind him to back him up. Kasane is able to make a quick escape thanks to the help of Kagero. He helps her reunite with the rest of Kyoka Platoon on the city’s outskirts. There, she reveals to them the information she has learned.

The actions that Kasane has taken so far are further driving her and Yuito apart! At the start of the show, it seemed like the story would progress with the two fightings alongside each other. Now, it appears that they’ll be spending the foreseeable future at odds with one another. This is an interesting dynamic shift that Scarlet Nexus is taking with their two main characters. Only time will tell how well this plays out, but there is certainly a lot of opportunities to create some spicy story moments with these two against each other.

Destiny being fulfilled

Scarlet Nexus Episode 6 ends with Yuito crushed by all that’s happened. Between his father’s death and Kasane attacking him, he’s not in a good place. This coupled with Seto Platoon’s discovery of Kagero’s defection to Karen’s side means it hasn’t been a good day for the Scarlet Guardian.

The day’s events crush Yuito.

At Yuito’s lowest moment, he gets a call for his brother. Sitting at the head of OSF headquarters, he tells Yuito that he must be the hero.

This is the first hint at the future seen at the start of the episode coming to life. Yuito is being put into the spotlight, meaning that this world is still on track to fall into ruin, just like in the alternate timeline. This is an ominous foreboding of what lies ahead for these characters and makes the urgency of the situation far more clear.

Furthermore, it leaves viewers with a Yuito that does not realize the implications of his actions. Kasane will inevitably have to convince him of the future that lies ahead for them all. Again, tying into the previous point, this is an interesting setup for future conflict. There’s a lot that the story can delve into here. The seeds are being sown right at the show’s halfway point.

Just a few answers

This episode was interesting in that it provided viewers with something new: answers. More information about this unique world is provided, and it allows for a better understanding of the show’s workings. This was very intriguing and was a breath of fresh air this time around. It’s perfectly placed too. The halfway point serves as a key moment for many stories. It’s when the potential for twists and turns to be effective are at their highest. Hopefully, Scarlet Nexus can tap into that in some way moving forward.

Scarlet Nexus is streaming on Funimation and on the Ani-One Asia Official YouTube channel! Episode 7 comes out on August 12th!


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