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Wonder Egg Priority Episode 2 as Amazing as the First One

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The airing of the Wonder Egg Priority episode 2 confirmed that that the first episode wasn’t just a fluke. Episode 2 was just as beautiful, as sweet, and as well produced as the first one. In case you aren’t watching Wonder Egg Priority, read our opinion on Episode 1 of the series as this post will contain spoilers.

Wonder Egg Priority episode 2 confirmed that it follows the “girl of the week” formula, meaning Ai will have to save a different girl each week. In order to help the girl, she needs to face and beat her trauma. What’s more, said trauma appears as the “Wonder Killer” which Ai has to beat. This week I tried to listening to the soundtrack a little bit more, and I have to say that electronic music that plays during the fights fits incredibly well. The series is pretty unique so adding a “unique” soundtrack was a very good move.

Not only that, it seems that the series will explore very heavy topics connected to the past of the characters. We already witnessed bullying in the first episode, and the second one was about a teacher abusing her student. We also got to explore Ohto Ai’s past and we saw that the friend she’s trying to save, Koito-chan, was also severely bullied. Apart from that, the animation during the fight scene was simply beautiful. I hope that the series will keep surprising me for the entirety of its airing!

If you aren’t watching the series, what are you waiting for? It’s an amazing ride and I truly can’t wait for the upcoming episode 3 of the series!

Screenshots via Funimation Wonder Egg Priority Episode 2 stream
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