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Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 1: Can’t You Just Choose One?

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Episode 1 of the new anime series Girlfriend, Girlfriend is now premiering worldwide, and the start of the two-person relationship is about to begin! The series depicts the story of Naoya Mukai trying to work things out with his two girlfriends – Saki Saki and Nagisa Minase.

With notable casts and creative staff, this series will surely provide you your weekly dose of harem!

Notable Cast

The main protagonist of the series Naoya Mukai will be voiced by no other than Junya Enoki. Meanwhile, Ayane Sakura will be lending her voice to Saki Saki along with Azumi Waki as Nagisa Minase. Ayana Taketatsu will be voicing Rika Hoshizaki while Rie Takahashi will be voicing Shino Kiryū.

Junya Enoki voiced Yūji Itadori from Jujutsu Kaisen while Ayane Sakura voiced Yotsuba Nakano from The Quintessential Quintuplets and Ochako Uraraka from My Hero Academia. Azumi Waki voiced Hinata Tachibana from Tokyo Revengers and Maika Sakuranomiya from Blend S.

Moreover, Ayana Taketatsu also plays a role in The Quintessential Quintuplets as Nino Nakano. On the other hand, Rie Takahashi voiced Emilia from Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World and Sumi Sakurasawa from Rent-A-Girlfriend.

Your Weekly Dose of Harem

The first episode of Girlfriend, Girlfriend recently premiered and it covers chapters 1 to 3 of the manga. With a steady-paced flow, the series had a good start, and rest assured, it will get better and better. Naoya’s attitude and personality can be a bit irritating because he’s too straightforward and dense. He’s a character that’s so unique, that he decided to date two girls at the same time.

Despite the relationship between these three people being weird and uncomfortable, they still manage to do their best for it to work. All of them have proven their love for one another and that fact itself is wonderful. With 60% comedy and 40% romance, this show will surely provide you your weekly dose of harem!

Episode Count and Blu-ray/DVD

It was recently announced that Girlfriend, Girlfriend will have a total of 12 episodes. The Blu-ray/DVD will be available to purchase sequentially starting October 6, 2021, in all 4 volumes containing 3 episodes each. In addition, a newly drawn manga and 50-page doujinshi by Hiroyuki will be available along with the first volume of the Blu-ray/DVD.

The series will be premiering every Saturday at 1:25 AM (JPN time) at AT-X channel and 2:55 AM (GMT+8) at Muse Asia’s Official YouTube Channel.

You can watch Girlfriend, Girlfriend on Crunchyroll or Muse Asia on YouTube. Once you’re done watching, you could read more features on Anime Corner as well.

All images from Muse Asia’s Official YouTube Channel
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