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Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 2: Three's A Crowd

Girlfriend, Girlfriend has aired its second episode! This time around, the focus is on Nagisa Minase, as the episode explores her thoughts, feelings, and insecurities about being in this odd relationship. There’s a lot of character work that is done in this episode, alongside many hilarious moments.

In this spoiler-filled discussion, we’ll be going over the episode’s main talking points!

A girl’s search history…

The second episode picks up right where the first leaves off. Naoya, Saki, and Nagisa are still struggling to find comfort in their new relationship. Saki’s insecurities about having a boyfriend dating two girls dramatically escalate here. They are heightened significantly by just how cute she feels Nagisa is. The tensions are heightened further when the three have to go to bed in three futons side-by-side. It reaches a boiling point when she imagines Naoya and Nagisa getting intimate, and properly loses it. Of course, it’s all just in Saki’s head, and she is able to get some rest after realizing how silly she’s being.

Three futons, side-by-side… what could go wrong?

In the morning, Nagisa gets up early to prepare food for the three of them. She thinks to herself about how tenuous this setup is, knowing that if Saki gets fed up of the arrangement, she’s likely to be the one who gets dumped. This thought strengthens her resolve to prove her worth to Naoya. She reasons that if she works hard, she’ll be indispensable to him. As long as she does that, she’ll be happy.

Nagisa prepares to cook!

Math is hard

However, that doesn’t make the setup any easier. Nagisa’s insecurities eat up at her, and end up with her snooping into Saki’s search history. After finding Saki’s rather raunchy curiosities, Nagisa is nearly caught in the act when Naoya and Saki both wake up. Fortunately for her, Naoya takes responsibility for going through Saki’s phone.

Nagisa is mortified to see Saki’s search history.

Later though, Nagisa takes Naoya by surprise when she mentions that she’s been slacking on her schoolwork. All those hours spent learning how to cook have held her back academically. Naoya tries to remedy this by giving Nagisa a crash course in factoring. But mathematics ultimately proves to be too tough for her. Despite spending hours on the toilet frantically googling answers, she is unable to get it right. This is much to her dismay, as she feels Naoya may “lose faith in her”.

It’s okay, Nagisa, math is hard for us all.

A secret relationship

As the three prepare to go to school, Saki demands that the three of them keep their relationship a secret. She reasons that since everyone at school knows that she and Naoya are together, knowing that their relationship had a third member would be far too humiliating. They agree to this, albeit with Naoya more reluctantly doing so.

Due to having been away from school for a while, Nagisa is ostracized as soon as she gets there. The sight of her being so lonely compels Naoya to come forward and spill the beans to everyone. Saki was having none of it though, demonstrating great feats of strength to give her boyfriend a public beatdown. She properly takes Naoya to Suplex City before he could get any words out.

Nagisa is left alone in school.

In private, Naoya laments to Saki regarding how lonely Nagisa is. Saki acknowledges this, but remains firm in her stance, arguing that she can’t have people know that her boyfriend is dating two girls. Finding them on the roof, Nagisa agrees with Saki, understanding completely. Being the sweet girl that she is, she gives the two bento boxes that she prepared for their lunch. As she does this, she expresses that she’ll have her lunch in the restroom to avoid embarrassing the two.

This is enough to bring Saki to tears. She finally caves and agrees to have lunch together in private.

Nagisa’s kindheartedness is enough to bring these two to tears.

How much longer can this go on?

Brock Lesnar would be proud.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend’s second episode does a great job of exploring the group’s relationship struggles in a very effective manner. It’s evident to many just how shaky the foundation of this throuple from the beginning. Acknowledging the relationship’s shakiness is good for the story in the long run. Ignoring the potential hitches between the three would definitely raise some eyebrows moving forward.

The episode also builds on the humorous tone established in the pilot! The hilarity that ensues in this episode is nothing short of entertaining. The humor of the show is rather relatable, and perhaps that’s what makes it so effective. One of the show’s biggest appeals is the light, airy tone it brings. The fact Girlfriend, Girlfriend has many moments that can elicit a hearty chuckle goes a long way in defining this tone.

Who knows what’s in store for this little throuple? Whatever happens, some form of chaos and wackiness is sure to follow!

Girlfriend, Girlfriend‘s third episode will air on July 17, 2021!


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