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Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 6: The Trio Versus Mirika!

Girlfriend, Girlfriend” Episode 6 features a riveting battle between our favorite trio and the MeTuber Mirika! The three try to take matters into their own hands by ousting Mirika off of their property. Things get super spicy as the conflict heats up this time around! Here are the key talking points from this week’s episode! Spoilers ahead!

Pathetic Naoya

“Girlfriend, Girlfriend” Episode 6 starts off with Naoya calling for disposal to remove Mirika’s camping set off of his lawn. Saki and Nagisa are taken aback by Naoya’s rash line of action. However, Naoya explains that it’s because of his “pathetic” nature that he wants Mirika gone. He doesn’t trust himself to not fall for her, given how easily he ended up falling for Nagisa.

Naoya’s rash actions take Saki and Nagisa by surprise!

This obviously causes tension between him and the girls to rise up. Saki in particular doesn’t take too kindly to Naoya’s words. She even goes as far as to put him in an armbar at one point. But in the end, the girls agree with his line of reasoning and take action against Mirika.

Saki’s form is looking great!

Naoya is an often-criticized part of Girlfriend, Girlfriend’s story. To some, it’s unfathomable that a guy like him gets to have three charming girls chase after him. He isn’t particularly handsome, and his personality is a good one at best; certainly not one worth getting into a throuple for. Given that this is the case, it’s funny that the show points out Naoya’s “pathetic” nature in this manner. It kinda pokes fun at his more questionable traits in a way. It doesn’t fully address the concern that these critics have, but it uses this element as the foundation of this week’s comedic conflict.

How to stall a girl

And thus, the operation to get rid of Mirika commences! Saki and Nagisa are assigned to aid in the disposal of her items. Naoya, meanwhile, must stall Mirika as she returns from the convenience store bathroom.

However, this proves to be a far too difficult task for him. Almost immediately, he flubs the operation. Because the best way to stall someone is to say “I’m not stalling you or anything,” right?

This leads to Mirika stumbling upon their attempt to get rid of her entire camping setup. Of course, she doesn’t take kindly to this. It’s at this point that the battle between her and the three heat up substantially. Naoya grabs Mirika to stop her from interfering with the disposal. In return, she screams out to the neighborhood that she’s being touched inappropriately.

However, much to everyone’s surprise, Naoya does not care! The absolute mad lad! Mirika has to fight tooth and nail if she wants to get the better of him. And she does! She and Naoya tussle it out right there, outside his house. In the end, Naoya’s efforts are enough to complete the disposal.

Naoya does not fear the consequences!

Absolute chaos! To see Mirika and Naoya duke it out in the way they did was extremely entertaining. Say what you will about the guy, but Naoya can take a hit! Between Saki and Mirika, he’s taken some huge blows this season. What a trooper!

Beyond that, this sequence provides exactly what you’d expect to see from a show like “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”. This was essentially a couple of idiots handling an issue in the worst possible way they could. It provides comedy in spades, and was a treat to watch!

Mirika falling?

“Girlfriend, Girlfriend” Episode 6 ends with Mirika’s father coming to take her home himself. This appears to be the solution to the group’s problems! Finally! Someone’s coming to take Mirika away!

Yet Naoya keeps stepping in to protect Mirika against her dad. He stands up for Mirika when her father finds out about her MeTube channel. And when her channel is threatened with deletion, Naoya steps in and takes the phone.

Naoya sticks up for Mirika!

It seems that over time, Naoya has recognized how hardworking Mirika is. He sees the efforts she puts into her work and recognizes there’s more to her than what’s on the surface. Mirika recognizes this. And, as Saki and Nagisa worriedly note, she appears to fall for Naoya.

As she leaves, Mirika utters that she has something to think about. She walks home with her father, blushing.

Oh no! Just as it appears that the group may have been rid of Mirika for good, a twist is thrown in! How will this affect the dynamic between the group? Mirika falling for Naoya is cute, but it certainly doesn’t bode well for Saki and Nagisa. Only the future will tell, but it’s certainly interesting to ponder on how this development could affect the relationship.

All in all, the whacky shenanigans of Girlfriend, Girlfriend will surely get crazier from here on out! If this week’s preview is anything to go off of, next week’s episode is going to be quite interesting!

Girlfriend, Girlfriend‘s seventh episode will air on August 14, 2021!


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