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Hiroyuki's Girlfriend, Girlfriend Manga Releases Volume 13

Hiroyuki’s Girlfriend, Girlfriend manga released the latest, 13th volume on Thursday. The manga is currently ongoing in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. The serialization began in March 2020.

The newly-released volume features two of the heroines: the protagonist Naoya Mukai’s second girlfriend Nagisa Minase (left), and Rika Hoshizaki (right), also known as a streamer named Marika, who is making effort to take the seat of Naoya’s girlfriend.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Manga Volume 13

Azumi Waki, known for her role as Maika Sakuranomiya in Blend-S, voiced Nagisa Minase, while Ayana Taketatsu, known for her role as Nino Nakano in The Quintessential Quintuplets, played Rika Hoshizaki in the Girlfriend, Girlfriend anime.

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Hiroyuki’s Girlfriend, Girlfriend manga surpassed 1 million circulating copies and inspired an anime adaptation by Tezuka Productions, which aired from July to September 2021. The anime was voted as Anime Corner’s New Anime of the Season for Summer 2021 by fans. The adaptation is currently receiving a second season.

Kodansha is also publishing the Girlfriend, Girlfriend manga in English and released the latest, 10th volume as an e-book on October 11, 2022. The official website describes the plot of volume 1 as:
Naoya just got a girlfriend, the gorgeous Saki-chan, and though their intensities often pit them against each other like ice and fire, they’re totally, uncontrollably in love with each other. He vows never to cheat…when out of the blue he receives another confession! Nagisa’s cute, sweet, and she’s made him lunch to boot! He knows he can’t cheat, but he can’t let a cutie like this get away…so he does the logical(?) thing: Asks Saki for permission to date them both! The confidence! The arrogance! The very gall! No matter the outcome, Naoya’s future will be lively!

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