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Koikimo Episode 6: How to Make Someone Fall in Love With You

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Koikimo episode 6 finally aired! It is full of tips on how to make someone fall in love with you. In case you didn’t know, Koikimo is one of the Romcom anime airing this spring season.

The anime is also known as “It’s Too Sick to Call This Love“. You can call this series the opposite of Higehiro, since here, the one who had feelings first is the guy, wherein Higehiro, it was the girl. What’s more, the male protagonist on both anime are adults, while the female ones are both 17 years old.

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To start off, in the previous episode, Ichika, together with her classmates, goes on a field trip. There, Masuda, a friend of Ryo was the assigned photographer. Of course, because of his relationship with Ryo, he told him that Ichika was hanging out alone with a guy in their class.

Ryo felt really down on what he heard. Thus, the episode ended with him overthinking that story even when he’s on a date with Ichika. Therefore, in the next episode, he came up with a plan on how to make Ichika fall for him.

Here are some of the things from Koikimo episode 6 that might help you make your crush fall in love with you.

Make Yourself Look Presentable

Matsushita fixing her makeup

The episode starts with Matsushita, one of Ryo’s co-workers coming to a coffee store to take a break. There she saw the man he likes. As a result, she got self-conscious and went to the comfort room to fix her clothes and makeup. Then, she approached the guy and sit next to him. She felt so happy since she was able to talk to him.

Research the Things Your Crush Likes

Ryo searching for anime

One of the scenes in this episode shows Ryo searching for a good upcoming Spring anime. He knows that Ichika likes anime, therefore, he thinks that if he can predict what Ichika will watch in the approaching season, he could also watch it. Furthermore, Ryo anticipated that if he did watch it, then he can use it as a topic to prolong his conversation with Ichika.

Show Your Skills and Talents to Your Crush

Tamaru playing soccer

Another one of the clips in the episode showcases Tamaru, a classmate of Ichika, playing soccer. Apparently, before the game starts, Tamaru’s crush appeared on the watching area of the soccer field to watch the game. Hence, he felt like he needs to exert more effort in the game to show off his talents to the girl he likes. In conclusion, Tamaru’s team won the game because of him and got to advance to the finals.

As Long as Your Crush Doesn’t Have a Partner, You Still Have a Chance

Matsushita smiling with hope
Matsushita searching for tips on how to make someone fall in love with her

In the last part of the episode, Matsushita, together with her coworkers, including the one she likes, went to a restaurant to have dinner. When they were done eating, she did everything she could to be with her crush alone. There, she interviewed him only to find out that her crush has feelings for another girl. However, she smiled and didn’t lose hope because it is still an unrequited love. She believes that she still has a chance because of that. Thus, she searched on google on how to make someone fall for a person.

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You can watch the anime on Crunchyroll.

The Synopsis of the story:

Once you fall for someone, you can’t stop the love. A strange encounter spurs the meeting of Amakusa Ryou, a high spec businessman who’s loose with women, and his high school sister’s best friend, Arima Ichika. From there, he falls madly in love.

On the one hand, he approaches her with almost too straight-forward methods, while she responds simply disgusted, insulting him without hesitation…and he takes it as her way of showing love. This is a romantic comedy about a twisted elite employee and a normal otaku high school girl.

Screenshots via: Crunchyroll

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