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Oshi no Ko Episode 11 - Less of a Finale, More of a Teaser

A series finale that left us wanting more. While the animation quality remained visually stunning as ever, the Oshi no Ko episode 11 didn’t quite deliver the impactful finale that I was expecting. Instead, it felt more like a setup for the next stage – the upcoming stage play arc.

The Lows and Highs of Oshi no Ko Episode 11

I’m slightly disappointed with how the performance of B-Komachi didn’t shine as brightly as I anticipated. It was meant to be their ultimate debut but it felt overshadowed by Kana’s redemption in the entertainment world. The first half of the episode felt like patching everything up for the story of Kana and moving on to the next. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s great for Kana to have her spirits lifted but it was at the cost of B-Komachi’s debut performance in the episode. Luckily the uninterrupted version is available on the official YouTube channel of the anime.

Kana who I deemed as the best-written character so far in the series and who ultimately is running the show had the right to drop the title in the middle of her performance in a “she said the thing moment.” The dancing choreography was well executed showcasing the group’s synergy and synchronization, and the importance of showing support to your oshi through the use of pen lights or light sticks were standout moments as well. MEM-cho figuring out the love triangle between Aqua, Kana, and Akane was also hilarious and some can even relate to her in picking who to side with.

What really took the cake in the episode though, or should I say the most spectacular part of the finale was the transitions of scenes between Ruby and Ai during the performance. Coupled with sparkly animation, it highlighted the captivating charm inherited by the rookie idol from her mother. It was as if Ai was on stage the entire time. While Ruby may not have that much screen time during the introduction arcs of Kana and Akane, she definitely took the spotlight in the end.

Looking Forward to Season 2

B-Komachi’s performance and a tease of the upcoming arc weren’t the only ones the finale had in store for us, but they also reignited the fierce rivalry between Akane and Kana. Their encounter in the finale revealed that their battle for the spotlight goes beyond the entertainment world as it now extends into a competition for a place in Aqua’s heart. This inevitable rivalry was fueled even further when the two were cast as rival characters in the upcoming Tokyo Blade project. A casting done right I should say.

Aside from the rivalry between the two, Aqua’s revenge plot is still looming in the shadows of the story. With the upcoming stage play arc, he should get closer to finding out about Ai’s lover. With that being said, there’s a lot to look forward to in season 2 of Oshi no Ko. Currently, there are no dates yet for the sequel but a teaser visual and video will keep us company for a while.

Oshi no Ko’s First Season Was Spectacular

The first season of Oshi no Ko truly has been spectacular and an insane rollercoaster ride, a masterful blend of drama, realism, genius characterization, and comical moments. I can’t stop thanking the studio Doga Kobo and the rest of the staff and cast for pouring their hearts out in making this anime one of the best out there. From the initial hype surrounding the series and its theatrical releases of the 90-minute premiere, the production team really showed their commitment and passion for the title. While it may have been an ambitious debut to start with, it was definitely worth it as it had the most stellar premiere this season.

The premiere episode set an exceptionally high standard, but the quality remained intact until the finale. Whether it was exploring the idol industry, live-action adaptations, reality TV, or the destructive influence of the internet, the series consistently provided an accurate and sometimes brutal portrayal of certain aspects of show business. While the core of the narrative is about idols, its main theme however is lies and deception, which makes Oshi no Ko different from the genre.

If there’s one thing that the series has continuously shown, is that the entertainment world is driven by lies and deceit—all the bright lights, the glitz and glamour are just for show. But just like Ai Hoshino, some actors and actresses from the industry might resonate with a line from YOASOBI’s Idol song, “Now, the lies I’m making up, I’m hoping that a day comes when they all become true.”

While it’s nice to think about that, let’s not stray away from the fact that the entertainment world has a dark reality behind the scenes and Oshi no Ko isn’t an exception. Who’s to say that there wasn’t any shady business in the production of this anime?

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