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Combatants Will Be Dispatched Episode 3: Agent 6 and Alice Receives Treatment

Combatants Will Be Dispatched Episode 3 has been released! In the previous episode, Agent 6 and Alice succeeded on completing their mission for the country they serve. As a result, they are gaining favors and treatments from the higher ups. The good thing about Alice and Agent 6 is that they don’t forget their real mission for the Kisaragi Corporation, even after receiving treatments from that country. In fact, they are recruiting someone to join their company.

The Treatment

After days of accomplishing their mission, Agent 6 and Alice are having fun with their companions. However, it seems that Agent 6 is not happy about the situation they are in. When the two of them are inside their room, Agent 6’s mood will often become gloomy. In the end, he still told Alice the reason why is he like that.

Agent 6’s Treatment from Alice

After knowing why Agent 6 is like that, Alice grabbed his hand and put it in her chest. This sure is a promising treatment for someone like Agent 6. From the image above, you can see that Alice’s mouth is open.

Why do you think Alice’s expression is like that? Is there a sound coming out from Alice’s mouth? What could it be? What is the reason Alice did that to Agent 6?

Agent 6 attends strategy meeting

Thanks to the accomplishment of Agent 6 and Alice’s party from the previous episode, he was given the opportunity to attend a strategy meeting for their next battle to the demon king’s army. The reason for having a sudden meeting was because they received an important news regarding their enemies.

Is it really important to the point that they will allow Agent 6 to join the meeting even if he has humiliated the higher ups with his words?

Alice receives a reward

A battle has occurred the day after the strategy meeting, and its not favorable for their country. When the night came, the battle is almost over and the enemy is the one who is most likely to win. However, the victory still ended on their country’s side, thanks to the effort of Agent 6 and Alice. As a result, both of them has been given a bag of gold as their reward.

What kind of battle happened to the point that the enemy overwhelmed them? What did Agent 6 and Alice do? How did they won? Watch this episode of Combatants Will Be Dispatched to find out.

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With world domination nearly in their grasp, the Supreme Leaders of the Kisaragi Corporation—an underground criminal group turned evil megacorp—have decided to try their hands at interstellar conquest. A quick dice roll nominates their chief operative, Combat Agent Six, to be the one to explore an alien planet…and the first thing he does when he gets there is change the sacred incantation for a holy ritual to the most embarrassing thing he can think of.

But evil deeds are business as usual for Kisaragi operatives, so if Six wants a promotion and a raise, he’ll have to work much harder than that! For starters, he’ll have to do something about the other group of villains on the planet, who are calling themselves the “Demon Lord’s Army” or whatever. After all, this world doesn’t need two evil organizations!

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